Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin

Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin

Cody Rhodes talks to the media (including Mark Henry) after Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. He explains how he came up with his entrance with the sledgehammer and the throne and how it ties into Triple H, he discusses Jon Moxley’s contract, competing with WWE, his match with his brother Dustin, whether AEW’s TV show will be rated PG and much more!

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83 Responses

  1. Naman Ø says:

    Cody vs Dustin stole the show

    • Noel ComiX says:


    • The Lion King says:

      Col Friday OH YEAH YEAH ITS RAAAW I agree that match was a banger. Really disappointed in JR not selling it as one. The dude has certainly lost a step in his old age.

    • Skater6453 says:

      The Lion King once he starts working weekly he will be back to normal.Alot of returning veterans will be a little slower in the first couple shows

    • The Lion King says:

      Skater6453 I certainly hope so. I haven’t been a fan of his work in any company for the past several years so hopefully once he becomes more invested in the stories, he’ll get better.

    • john cangley says:

      This was the only good match on the card. Iimo

  2. Luqah YGO says:

    Respect to Cody giving the kid the first interview over all the others, humble dude.

  3. David Kasparov says:

    The post-match interviews here really do set the presentation of a legitimate sporting event.

    • thestonecoldbottom says:

      It’s better that are independent media sources as well it’s a more objective and transparent atmosphere

    • Bob Jones says:

      +David Kasparov,

      I agree, an AEW seems to respect something that WWE stopped respecting a long time ago, an that’s Kayfabe.

      An ironically, even with Kayfabe being strong within AEW, at the same time as a fan, I feel like I’m part of it, just simple things like Jericho saying “shut up you marks”, as well as the interaction with fans via Social Media (something WWE restricts their fans from doing).

      I genuinely feel like I could go out with Jericho for a Beer, then boo him the following night for being a heel.

      P.S. An I’m speaking as a casual fan, I didn’t know who half of the *wrestlers* were who competed at Double or Nothing, but that didn’t bother me, in fact it was kind of a good thing, it made AEW feel fresh, yes they had Legends, but I still think Double or Nothing would of been a success either way (as WCW and TNA relied on WWE rejects and old timers to get ratings).

    • Mohit Kalro says:

      The near shoot style interviews are because it’s the first hype event for the promotion. But liking it nonetheless

    • Stone Osborne says:

      I love it

  4. Rebecca Greenwood says:

    I feel sad that Dusty didn’t get a chance to see what his children accomplished outside of WWE

    • Luis Fraga says:

      They accomplished a lot in WWE. What’s so bad about that? Plus, Dusty did see what Dustin did outside of WWE when he went in and out of WCW and TNA. So what’s your point?

    • Squenkout 69 says:

      Thug Chungus yeah nigga u correct but in the earlier days he always was an NWA guy he only ended up with the NXT shir cuz the territories became a thing of the past

    • Alex O'condell says:

      He’s still watching over them both

    • Jason Bacon says:

      Ditto. He’d be in tears, he’d be so happy to see how well they’re doing, and the ascension of AEW.

    • VideoGameMasters says:

      +Unbelievabro you really think the McMahons will step back and let someone that is not a McMahon run the show? Only reason Trips has NXT is cause he married into the family. This could ONLY happen outside of the WWE.

  5. frozendilemma says:

    Baw gawd CVV you’re on fire. Your question to Jericho about Kenny’s nose got an interesting response from Y2J

  6. jj kallis says:

    Cody is a great public speaker! Great frontman! Great positive individual!

  7. G-Dub 85 says:

    I don’t want them going the WCW route though of trying to beat WWE…just focus on your product and give us the best show possible, characters and storylines……and keep Hogan far far away brother!!!!

    • Solomon Allen says:

      +QAZ WSX best comment on this THREAD ??

    • Solomon Allen says:

      +DERRICK MCCOCKER!!!!Best comment on this fucking story ??

    • Music Man says:

      Cody’s response tonight was more aimed at Hunter’s response from the Hall of Fame. AEW’s weekly show is on Tuesday and WWE’s main shows are on Monday and Friday(In October). That means they aren’t competing. They want to give the fans a alternative.

    • Jd 123 says:

      team 89er shut the fuck up ?

    • thevoid99 says:

      not just hogan but vince russo as well. don’t sign douchebag bums like big cass and enzo, don’t sign no-talent cum-dumpsters like all botch everything, and shitheads like sexy star.

  8. Latinofire202 says:

    Thank goodness they’re not doing monthly ppvs. I always hated that. You don’t give it time to build a feud and a storyline. 4 or 5 big ppvs a year is plenty

    • John Stonebraker says:

      +Kyle Pace you in a major metropolitan area? May be a bar that orders it. BWW? Cracked barrel. That would be cool if they ordered it. Would drive up business on a Saturday night.

    • John Stonebraker says:

      +Az3iiiz I read October of this year.

    • 312vandal says:

      You ,obviously didn’t do your research on AEW ? they got one every month till the tnt show in the fall

    • Jeremy Paterra says:

      +Ian [] they’re worse and you’ll figure that out over time they want ratings they want asses in the seats they want to do it all they want to conquer WWE it’s a drive inside of them that they want to take over

    • Darius Swinney says:

      +312vandal No they don’t. They have nothing for september.

  9. Troy Desporte says:

    Best thing is this is a real interview. Like just real.

  10. ClackMan says:

    u better let mark ask all the questions lol

  11. ゼレフZeref says:

    Cody knows about shao Kahn, respect!

  12. Fanatic Comics says:

    If Mark Henry wants to ask more than one question, who’s gonna stop him?

  13. ayyachris says:

    Mark Henry being a interviewer

    Mark Henry: That’s What I do!

  14. AMOS MAINA says:

    Thank you Cody for changing the Wrestling World

  15. Keranu says:

    Cody understands and respects symbolism. This will be key to AEW’s success.

  16. BloodFistEternal says:

    Dusty Rhodes would be proud loved seeing this show live at the MGM this moment I won’t forget in my life

  17. Rapid Randy Hughes says:

    The destruction of the throne was brilliant symbolism and the Cody/Dustin match was the most emotional I’ve felt while watching wrestling since childhood.

    • Chad Boswell says:

      +The Lion King Or he could have not done it and just do what he was supposed to do. Would it make sense for HHH to destroy the Dusty statue?

    • The Lion King says:

      Chad Boswell Dusty never held Triple H back. Dusty did nothing but help Triple H. Dusty believed in Triple H’s vision and helped him fulfill said vision. So no, it would not make sense.

      I realize it wasn’t Triple H himself who didn’t believe in Cody, but his symbol was the best symbol to use.

    • Banter Claus says:

      +Chad Boswell
      Don’t bother, these guys won’t listen bruv.

    • Andy Ward says:

      Since Bret vs Owen

    • Ezra Daßer says:

      that’s a stretch

  18. Charles Spencer says:

    “Hold us accountable! Because we care!” They get it. Loved how Cody ended it.

  19. oscar labian says:

    lol Mark Henry took over and everyone else shit in their pants just thinking of stepping over him… all but one CVV!

  20. Yo Bro says:

    First time a story made me cry. Mad respect to Cody and Dustin! Wish them to smack WWE’s ass!

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