Cody Rhodes Returns to WWE | WWE Raw Highlights 4/4/22 | WWE on USA

Cody Rhodes Returns to WWE | WWE Raw Highlights 4/4/22 | WWE on USA

The American Nightmare is back. WWE Raw Highlights 4/4/22. Watch WWE Raw, 2/7 & 2/14 shows on SYFY at 8/7c. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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43 Responses

  1. DJ Skandalous says:

    Can’t believe Cody made the jump but it sure did make for a interesting and entertaining last couple of days!

    • IAlwayswin says:

      @Versatile Wolf NWO AEW better than WWE. Case closed.

    • Pirate Radio says:

      @The Joker People didn’t “turn on him”. He boxed himself out of the World Title picture because he didn’t want to be another guy in a top position, Booking themselves into top spots. The fans otherwise, Wanted him to be in the top spot. That’s why they were pushing & pushing him to turn & go against his own edict.

      Now was there people turned off by the TV show. Sure. But that was a very small minority.

    • The Joker says:

      @Pirate Radio We turned on him when he left to go do that stupid big show show on TV. Then came back after it failed wanting the TNT title.

    • rip says:

      @idfk anymore he’s a mark LOL

  2. DJ Stylez410 says:

    He still misses his father terribly. You can literally hear it in his voice. That was a helluva promo

  3. Octavio Carrion says:

    Yo this gave my instant chills. So passionate. Courageous. WWE, do NOT mess this up.

    • YuBee says:

      He will be stardust again hahahaha terrible from wwe

    • Montavious Gray XX says:

      Yall pray on the downfall of wwe

    • none business says:

      @Ugo Strange 😂😂

    • Babyboythaboss says:

      They will also……. Cody will back in the midcard playing children favorite villain and become stardust … again 💫✨✨ coming soon he will not win the big on aka WWE championship 🏆

    • Octavio Carrion says:

      @random616 Honestly dude, you’re not wrong. They have a horrible track record with keeping talent fresh and building them up. Believe I wanna be optimistic for his return. But it’s WWE.

  4. Greg V says:

    See this is promos WWE needs , real and off the cuff, emotional and true. Cody needs to be the next huge push. He finally has the experience, the look and the talent.

  5. Judah Navidad says:

    He honestly deserves a world title run. Vince knows it too. Roman vs. Cody actually sounds like it can have a seriously long angle about family and family honor; could honestly bring Dustin back if the story is being portrayed and told properly

    • Ron Swanson says:

      & Reigns will Prevail

    • Michael Wilson says:

      Legacy superstar vs legacy superstar it’s a possibility. Not referring to 2009 “legacy” with orton, rhodes and dibiase

    • VinterEvig says:

      @Alicia Graham lol, you’re a assuming that Im a fan of AEW, which you’d be wrong. Hopefully Cody gets the major push he deserves in WWE, I just don’t see Vince letting that happen for more than maybe a year until he is mid card again

    • Alicia Graham says:

      @VinterEvig if he wanted to make AEW look like fools he would’ve had Cody looking for him.. Vince gave control to Cody in that situation… something most talent says never happens because he invites them to his house to control the environment.. You AEW shills should pay attention, blind guesses and lies make you look salty and weak

    • KJL says:

      @Randell Howard IV you mean the match that had Cody & Roman with two of the best workers in the business. Cody with Dustin/Goldust & Roman with Seth Rollins. Roman was better than when he was with amazing workers as partners (Ambrose/Moxley & Seth) nowadays he can only do the same five moves

  6. Casey Herrin says:

    Promo gave me chills. I hope the American nightmare can achieve his dream.

    • none business says:

      @FieryVC Drew.

    • Freshpair 1z says:

      Give the recent college grad who has never watch wrestling that wrote his script a cookie.

    • Iceman says:

      ​@SYKO THE LAST OUTLAW That’s like saying why should Paige have beaten AJ Lee for the Divas title after all those other challengers failed to beat her for almost an entire year back in 2014. This is how you built up new stars. Atleast in Codys case he isn’t taking the title from the champion on his first night like Paige did when she debuted on the main roster that year.

      Cody is definitely being geared towards getting to the main event sooner than later so imo I think he’d be a great choice to beat Reigns. WWE always hypes up the babyface as being the one who overcomes this or that so this is perfect for that. The American Dreams son ending Reigns dominance. Two guys with Hall of Famers in their family going at it. I think it’s going to happen.

    • Jerry Mccorkle says:

      He will bestow the wwe heavyweight championship for his father

    • Stevie Wells says:

      @KaKa-King wrecking aew?

  7. James says:

    Being someone who lost his father a few months back this made me tear up . Thank you

  8. BearOfDivinity says:

    I watched Cody right after leaving WWE, on the indies and in New Japan and AEW. What a journey he’s been on.
    He’s a complete star now. He’s got no need for unnecessary gimmicks to get over anymore.

  9. D.B. Cooper says:

    Cody is going hard AF. I’ve never really liked him but this feels different this time

  10. iRey360 says:

    Cody really reminds me of someone like Brett Hart or Shawn Michaels.. real wrestlers, not just flashy entertainers. Cody will bring exciting wresting back to WWE.

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