Coke and Mentos Explosion! #shorts

Coke and Mentos Explosion! #shorts

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  1. Jacob Blaire says:

    So next time my therapist asks me to give him an explanation of why I’m suicidal ill show him this video

  2. barrera_1371 YT says:

    This the type of guy that will use any thing that is easily breakable to protect himself

  3. Jahobo Medina says:

    I like how they start running like ” SHGT ITS ABOUT TO BLOW UP”

    but in reality they have like 20 seconds to just watch it

  4. Aksel_The_Boi says:

    He did the PogU face when he got behind the chair lmao

  5. TradenGaming says:

    It’s like these guys didn’t attend their chemistry class and this is something new

  6. Yampian says:

    Here is what you DIDNT need to do:

    Bring a chair outside and hide behind it

    Grab an broom and use it as a weapon.

    Buddy you just needed the poncho on and a safe distances away and it will be fine.

  7. Hopouing says:

    His holding his broom as if the bottle would proceed to awaken and beat his shit.

  8. Sdude 123 says:

    And here ladies and gentlemen we see a wild tik toker in his natural habitat discovering basic chemistry

  9. Squad MineBrothers says:

    Is incredible that he use a broom to protect himself of a coke with a mentos and a baloon 儭儭

  10. TheFallenCrow 07 says:

    I love the whole grab the broom I like to think he has an array of tools sat out on a table (umbrella, poncho, plastic shield, etc) and he looks around and in the corner of the room is the broom like perfect

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