Colbert To Trump: ‘Doing Nothing Is Cowardice’

Colbert To Trump: ‘Doing Nothing Is Cowardice’

Stephen commends the victims and first responders of the tragic Las Vegas shooting for their immeasurable courage. Now we need courage from the President of the United States.

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18 Responses

  1. Game Changer says:

    guys! been getting f ree gift cards everyday from here ➜

  2. AndySaenz says:

    Stephen Paddock legally obtained all his weapons and passed all background checks imposed by gun stores. That’s the one common thread between all of these horrible mass shootings: the gunman bypassed laws to legally obtain his weapons.

    So what do you want President Trump to do about that, Colbert?

  3. Jay Weekes says:

    “think about what you want to do, and pray for the courage to do it.” wisdom in its purest form.

  4. Alex Glassman says:

    It’s only been 36hrs. It’s terrible what happened. But we need to know the facts and the shooter’s motive before we can act responsibly and debate legislation. Machine guns are illegal for US citizens to obtain, along with modifying black rifle internals into machine guns. Yes, it’s possible, but again illegal. This shooter premeditated the massacre. So the issue is not gun control, but criminal (psycopathic) mentality.

  5. No One says:

    Colbert helped in creating the vegas shooter and now he criticizes trump. Hysterical!

  6. edgelordunderyourbed says:

    I usually despise this show, but you know, this was a very heartfelt message to the president without any bullshit or anything. I appreciate it.

  7. tom law says:

    Hey cunt, have you ever looked in the mirror?

  8. Heavily Indebted Backwoods Squire says:

    This turd thinks that government is a magical superbeing that can just magically make guns disappear by its mere will.

    But he doesn’t want the police not to have guns, because that’s what his beloved taxes, Obamacare, and welfare state is based on.

    His is just an irrational superstitious religious belief – the most violent of all – Statism.

    ALL libturds believe in unlimited governement power and contradict themselves in criticising Trump, because according to them, the decision should be made by government.

    Slimy turd.

  9. yarbles67 says:

    I am not the biggest Colbert fan but he is spot on. Sadly, nothing will get done except the opposite. Soon, every wack job will be able to mount suppressors on their assault rifles. with a bit of effort, every wack job sporting AK47 or Ar15 can easily hack/modify their system to make it full auto. with a little more effort, guys sporting their flashy assault rifle can skirt the rules about clip capacity. with a little bit of effort, they can upgrade their 8 round clip to a 100 round drum. ammo – no worries. joe q citizen on the street needs high velocity rounds that can go thru Kevlar and 3 additional humans to boot. too much money being made.

  10. Youtube University says:

    If we make it so getting guns with a certain “danger level” (determined by people better than me at telling how dangerous a gun is, I.E. firing rates, bullet size, so on) requires objectively more work than guns lower on the same scale, we’ll have made the first step: Treating people more equal than the guns.

  11. Reginald Ditto says:

    Never miss an opportunity to further your career Stephan you literal vulture

  12. Philip Christopher says:

    Colbert, don’t know what? This is a Cowardly act committed by a Bastard who should not have been born into this world!!!

  13. Joseph Crossley says:

    60 people is nothing compared to how many more people will die in home invasions/robberies when you take away their guns. Just sayin.

  14. OlimTheDan says:

    Anyone else feels like we’ve been hearing the words thoughts and prayers way too often? That’s not a condemnation or anything but good lord it feels like way too much awful stuff is happening way too quickly that it’s just making me weary.

  15. Brad George says:

    liberals like you wud have all guns banned and thugs carrin them Steve cohmmunist

  16. FunkadelicPeach says:

    People seem to think that gun control is within control of the US Government. Idiots. Blackmarkets and DeepWeb shopping areas will always be alive and thriving with sick people like these. There is no identification check for these sites. If you have the bitcoin, you get the guns. Simple. If it was as simple as shutting down blackmarkets, we would have done it already. You think the US Gov is stupid? The kinds of guns that were used in the shooting were banned 30 years ago. You cannot get them anywhere EXCEPT a blackmarket. Idiots, those of you saying this is within our control. It’s not.

  17. Mike Staton says:

    Go fuck yourself Stephen Colbert. The president doesnt need a talk show hosts advice.

  18. Memorible werd says:

    But stephen Colbert is doing nothing, I’m doing nothing your doing nothing omg we all must be cowards

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