Cold as Balls All-Stars | Baker Mayfield | Laugh Out Loud Network

Cold as Balls All-Stars | Baker Mayfield | Laugh Out Loud Network

Football star Baker Mayfield steps into the #ColdAsBalls tub! He tells Kevin Hart about his rise to football superstardom, winning the Heisman trophy and getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns.
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79 Responses

  1. James Dehaan says:

    Can you please get Conor Mcgregor to come and be on the show?

  2. D X says:

    Kevin makes Baker look tall af lmao

  3. John Green says:

    We need Sony Michel or Gronk on here next

  4. DreamVille says:

    Baker doesn’t even look like a nfl player he looks like a middle school defensive coach for b team

  5. Black man from South Carolina says:

    We need Michael Vick on here lebron james an kobe as well

  6. Incubator I says:

    Those nostrils can smell anything?

  7. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    this guy is adorable.

  8. gangsta fly says:

    Did you get engaged fast because you knew that was the only ring you were gonna get????

  9. Themba says:

    Snubbed for ROTY

  10. Dubs, King 75 says:

    Who’s also waiting on that Westbrook episode?

  11. Prof Hoff says:

    “Is it the same coaches there as last year?”
    -Awkward silence in 2019

  12. Garrett952 says:

    Baker won me a championship in my fantasy league, nothing but respect for the man

  13. Ayo Markus says:

    Bambam Lowkey Stealing These Interviews

  14. Antonio Wheeler says:

    Mike Tyson needs to be a guest.

  15. You Wish says:

    What in the black family function…?

  16. beast mode says:

    Kevin was disrespectful asf on this one ?????

  17. Kenny C. Dantzler says:

    It’s not too deep for you to stand in ??????

    – Baker Mayfield

  18. Tiera Jarmond says:

    “what in the black family function” LMAO

  19. Ray Willis says:

    He needs to get the whole TNT cast from SHAQ,Ernie Johnson,Kenny Smith, Chuck aka Charles Barkley

  20. De'Aaron Fox says:

    2:57 lmaoooo ???

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