Cold As Balls All-Stars | Ben Simmons | Laugh Out Loud Network

Cold As Balls All-Stars | Ben Simmons | Laugh Out Loud Network

Kevin Hart rolls out the red carpet for his guest on this episode of #ColdAsBalls. Ben Simmons discusses how to speak Australian, his feelings on Kevin sitting courtside at 76er’s games, and getting a taste of fame off the court. Powered by Old Spice –
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40 Responses

  1. Brian Melton says:

    Marshawn Lynch is a must he does so much more now that goes way pass football

  2. rafael almonte says:

    Pleaseeeeee Lance Stephenson OR Curry Pleaseeeeee ….btw i love this mtf show !

  3. Henry x says:

    7:27 Kevin:That’s the Half white side
    Ben :it’s true

  4. Ted Gotti says:

    That’s the first time Kevin Hart ever got that deep in the cold bucket lol 100 likes for Kevin Hart Man ??

  5. Ashy Larry says:

    Lol why didn’t Kevin say his gamer tag was Black Hammer

  6. Janio Perez says:

    Should of asked about Kendall Jenner lmso

  7. Kareem Hall says:

    Kevin being cautious of Ben getting hurt…I felt that…lol

  8. Andrew Hogentogler says:

    That’s the lowest Kevin’s ever gotten in the tub

  9. CrTa says:

    Cold as balls with giannis??? 😉

  10. RisanDaGoat says:

    Just saying I bet Kevin couldn’t make kawhi Leonard actually burst out laughing… make it happen

  11. Stormz faith says:

    ben simmons is only going to get better dude is a freak at basketball

  12. Breanna Mauk says:

    Get Giannis Antetokounmpo on the show

  13. rachel says:

    this is the most i’ve ever heard ben simmons talk

  14. Yancy Nunez says:

    Am I’m the only one who found this episode hilarious ? ?

  15. Zoid Burger says:

    We need racial equality where is black hand?

  16. De'Aaron Fox says:

    lmaoo ? add me on COD Kev- swipathefox

  17. Steven Almonte says:

    Please get kyrie Irving or Stephen curry

  18. Kennedy Stalling says:

    Welcome to Russell Westbrook’s cold as balls…??

  19. Post Malone says:

    Kevin Hart has hit more threes on an NBA court than Ben Simmons

  20. oldnbaschool says:

    This show needs to be 30 mins long, bruh.

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