Cold As Balls All-Stars | Ronda Rousey Takes No BS | Laugh Out Loud Network

Cold As Balls All-Stars | Ronda Rousey Takes No BS | Laugh Out Loud Network

Kevin Hart and Ronda Rousey kick off their shoes and jump in the tub to talk Olympic dreams, intimidating your significant other, and the meaning of FOMO.
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66 Responses

  1. KingSweat TV says:

    wow.. ronda must have them fire sugar walls, she got that walk loool

  2. Chevy or Ford? says:

    Ronda so naturally fine af!

  3. Dutt Takeoff says:

    I feel that The Rock needs to be on here next.

  4. Sean Davis says:

    She looks so beautiful

  5. mdooms76 says:

    “As long as my husband is comfortable I don’t care”. That’s right!!

  6. Yes Im That Guy says:

    “Bam Bam get the gun!!!!”

  7. FriendlyMexicanRicky says:

    Plz bring tony romo or Derrick Rose for this?‍♂️☺️

  8. Good taste says:

    when are we going to see Kevin on the rogan podcast?

  9. KZ1994able says:

    Aint gon lie. I was mad disappointed when she removed the towel. LEGGINGS??!!!?? LEGGINGS!?
    **soulja boy voice**

  10. Alexis N says:

    Why’d he hug her like someone’s auntie on thanksgiving ?

  11. kid Wolfe says:

    she beautiful af omg ?

  12. J.R. Breezy says:

    Kevin hart promo was better

  13. MusicBankTv says:

    For the 3% reading this, i hope you become successful in everything you dream of and accomplish more than you had imagined. My dream is to become a successful African artiste

  14. Jose Muniz says:


  15. Billstaff12 says:

    Her nipples are hardd

  16. Your Neighbor Amos says:

    Lmao. Coming straight from Jumanji and 3 foot 5.

  17. Uptown Bam says:

    Ronda cold as hell. She shivering like hell. She fighting it tho. Beautiful woman.

  18. nygel hampton says:

    Rousey got some nice cakes ??

  19. KO butler says:

    Man Rousey looking like a snack. ?

  20. king says:

    who else was mad disaapointed when she took off her towel looooool

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