Coldplay – Houston #1 (Live in Miami)

Coldplay – Houston #1 (Live in Miami)

A special song for Houston played during Coldplay’s Miami show on 28 August 2017.

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20 Responses

  1. Maggie Najera says:

    Thank you so much Coldplay. We love you so much. #HoustonStrong

  2. Dev Patel says:

    Love from india

  3. Ryan N says:

    Cancels one concert
    Writes a whole song to make up for it

    These lads are just amazing

  4. Carolina Alvarez says:

    You guys would never dissapoint ❤ love sent all the way from Houston❤❤❤

  5. Rahul. says:

    who is here before 1M views🔥🔥

  6. Ashok Pokhrel says:

    How can anyone hate coldplay. Disliking them makes sense but hating them is near to impossible

  7. Adani Solomon says:

    Can I get a like today is my birthday

  8. Adam Adp says:

    WHO is here before 10.000 views

  9. Vibes Alternativas says:


  10. Muhammad Noman says:

    Happiness is when you get new notifications about coldplay 😀

  11. Oliver Foster says:

    Coldplay are always there for everyone. All the time

  12. Yash jaiN says:

    _Let’s see which song is more popular_
    1_Hymn for the weekend
    2_ Yellow
    3_A Sky full of stars
    4_Something just like this
    6_Charlie Brown
    7_Fix You
    8_Fly On
    11_The Scientist
    13_True Love
    14_Every teardrop is a waterfall
    15_Up & Up
    17_Speed Of Sound
    18_ Ink
    20_See you soon
    21_ Miracles
    22_ Shiver
    *Just reply with your favourite song and the most voted song will win the match!!*
    (& Thumbs up👍 if you want more competition_😊😊)

  13. Clash Xgamer says:

    Like my comment plz😂

  14. Kitty go Meow meow says:

    Yea I live in Houston….and I have never seen so much support for a my city

    Thank you so much

  15. Annamarie Sieberns says:

    Can Chris Martin be our president? He knows how to unite people when they need it most.

  16. zapopo9 says:

    As a Houstonian battling through this storm, I can’t put into words how much this song means to me. After days of uncertainty sitting in our homes and fleeing for our safety, watching this really just made me cry. This is beautiful. The outreach and outpouring of love those who did not have to do anything brings such emotions to my heart. We can’t thank you enough.

  17. Bayron Rivera says:

    Thank you coldplay, we’ll be waiting for you in Houston after all this has passed 👌

  18. B Swizzle says:

    When he said Harris County I teared up because so many of my friends have lost everything here :’)

  19. Uriel Castro says:

    I was so dissapointed when the concert was cancelled/postponed last week. I was looking forward to this concert for months.

    A long time ago my girlfriend said seeing coldplay live was one of her biggest dreams. So I decided to find a job and I worked hard until I had enough money to go and buy some tickets.

    I love this girl so much and I decided to get her a promise ring. I planned out the entire day. I was going to take her out for lunch, then we were going to go bowling, then we were going to go to the concert, and I was planning on giving her the ring in the middle of the concert. How beautiful would that have been. I was planning on making that day an unforgettable day for her.

    Sadly the concert had to be postponed for who knows what day. I’ve been so sad these past couple of days knowing I was not able to make her dream come true. I’ve also been really sad because thousands of homes around me are getting destroyed by the terrible flood.

    When I saw this video my mood changed. I’m happy that Coldplay really does care about their fans and that they made this song in just a couple of days. Hopefully you guys can come back.

    Thank you Coldplay

  20. Paper _ tigers1 says:

    Thank you so much Coldplay this means so much to me also thank you to everyone who is praying or just thinking about us and just all the love and support were getting here is just amazing. Sending Love from Houston to Coldplay and many others who are in Houston that have been extremely impacted during this hurricane. #HoustonStrong

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