Colin Cowherd criticizes Antonio Brown, OBJ and Diva WR’s, talks McCarthy’s value | NFL | THE HERD

Colin Cowherd criticizes Antonio Brown, OBJ and Diva WR’s, talks McCarthy’s value | NFL | THE HERD

Colin Cowherd discusses all things NFL on today’s show. Hear him break down why the character of WR’s like Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. are not necessary in the NFL. Also, he defends Mike McCarthy as teams look for head coaches.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Colin Cowherd criticizes Antonio Brown, OBJ and Diva WR’s, talks McCarthy’s value | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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83 Responses

  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd says:

    Are diva wide receivers worth the risk in today’s NFL?

  2. Alyrricyst Sacarsa Smith says:

    Ben Shitlisberger is just mad because the Shittsburg Steelers aren’t making the playoffs so he’s throwing blame on teammates as usual.

  3. Antonio Maxey says:

    Been Roelisberger is a diva too as good as he is he’s overrrated

    • spud man says:

      +Don’tTrustAnyone DTA take away AB and hes still throwing over 4500 yards this season so you are most definitely wrong

    • Boardz.fortnite - says:

      spud man lol that’s what I’m saying he’s even getting Eli Rogers and Washington involved in the passing game

    • Don'tTrustAnyone DTA says:

      +spud man Take away AB he still has weapons, he has always had at least a elite receiver and a good enough to elite running back.
      Let’s look at the weapons he has had over the years.
      Antwan Randle El, sealed Ben his first Super.Bowl
      Plaxico (?) Burress, at that point one of the best receivers in the league
      Hines Ward, will most likely be in the Hall of Fame or at least considered
      Santonio Holmes, maybe never elite but won Ben his second Super Bowl
      Mike Wallace, at that point was a solid go to receiver
      Ab obviously but we will exclude him for this
      Juju, insane production through first seasons
      Tight Ends.
      Heath Miller, one of the best for a majority of his career
      Matt Spaeth, could be argued as not a weapon but was fairly decent for a period of time
      Jesse James, solid player so far
      Vance McDonald, arguably one of the best in the league right now
      Running backs.
      Jerome Bettis, Hall of Famer
      Willie Parker, elite for multiple seasons
      Rashard Mendenhall, one of the top runningbacks in the league, granted for only a short period of time.
      Leveon Bell, has been in the top 5 running backs in the league since his second season
      Deangelo Williams, not elite when he got to us but along with Leveon (this one’s opinion based) is one of the best running back duos of the past 15 years. It’s not hard to have insane stats when you’re backfield and receiving core has been damn good your whole career

    • Don'tTrustAnyone DTA says:

      +spud man Not to mention that argument can be made about so many trash QBs, prime example Kirk Cousins
      Not saying Cousins is anywhere near Ben as far as skill, cause Ben isn’t trash by any means, he’s just not great anymore, not that he’s never been, great, but he only had really 4 great seasons and those were quite some time ago

    • shouders1 says:

      You’re high

  4. Young Blood says:

    Colin you were getting fruity there for a minute

    • PhillyG says:


    • Element 115 says:

      +PhillyG sus

    • Element 115 says:


    • Chris Lee says:

      +Leroy Clark Who in the media is saying this? Colin sounds a little crazy in this segment. It’s not about hot vs. not but giving opportunities to young coaches who might have a fresh perspective on the game vs. old coaches who, you know what you’re getting and where the ceiling in. Andy Reid is a great coach but you know what you’re getting; a great regular season coach who can’t seem to win the big games. Colin is a Mike McCarthy guy and would probably call himself a Jeff Fisher guy if his Rams stint never happened. Also, if Eagles keep Andy Reid their Super Bowl last year doesn’t happen.

    • Leroy Clark says:

      +Chris Lee several shows ie first take and undisputed talk about Josh McDaniels and how he would be a great fit in several places. I can see your point about new coaches getting an opportunity and the older coaches having a ceiling but in my humble opinion cleveland, Miami the jets and several other teams could use a Andy Reid type or McCarthy type that at least won’t go for 0-16 or 3-11 etc. Yes the andy reid types dont win super bowls but these bottom of the pack teams could benefit from at least a playoff winning coach or a regular season winning coach then some fresh face rookie coach wouldn’t you agree? After decades of losing I think its reasonable to consider at least a playoff winner coach right?

  5. Marat says:

    andy reid still has another choke job in store this year dont you doubt it cowpoke

  6. Fahmi Yaghnam says:

    High cheek bones have no correlation with coaching wins ?

  7. Billy Vanner says:

    take a shot every time he says cheekbones

  8. Glen Beebe says:

    Obj been drama free all season and still getting hate… smh

    • Steven says:

      +hehateme1921 LMAO, after what AB did you’re saying? Odell would never do this. AB defines diva.

    • Erik Hopkins says:

      Good point. He got that hunnit million dollar grant! Lol!!

    • Dejan Djordjevic says:

      OBJ was far from drama free, he wants to win with us and shows more drive to compete AS A TEAM than AB does but he needs to know when to keep his mouth shut too.

    • Rob Host says:

      Obj criticized manning hard in an interview, throws around his helmet on the sideline, sat out some games and didn’t go for the ball on an onside kick. Don’t necessarily blame him for the last two, but they all draw criticism and controversy

  9. SGOD GAMING says:


    • Cesar Rivera says:

      +DW4 #NationalChamp name me one Giants player that has had a problem with Odell…

    • DW4 #NationalChamp says:

      +Cesar Rivera leadership is different from compatibility. Search up the definitions.

    • Cesar Rivera says:

      +DW4 #NationalChamp said nothing about leadership. You said his ego was hurting the locker room when that is not the case. The media drags out and emphasizes everything he does as a distraction and a cancer to a locker room when the locker room itself loves the guy. He is there for every teammate, his dancing and energy gets them hype, YALL create the narrative of a bad teammate and locker room divider when the actual locker room has nothing but good things to say about him. Not to mention how hard he practices.

  10. Rob Sports says:

    How is OBJ catching Strays?! wtf did he do?

    AB makes OBJs antics look like Cupcakes.

    And OBJ isn’t on the trading block. The GM literally just said this morning that he wasn’t getting traded

    • Brendan R says:

      Exactly I’m not saying I agree with everything Odell does but if he does one small thing the entire media goes insane

    • turnup! 3000 says:

      Naw bruh OBJ BE Temper tantrum‘s during the game . U forgot he still married to kick net

    • Mirgjan Kupi says:

      If you watched this season Obj gets less touches becuase of Saquon but hes always there throwing blocks and helping out. He doesnt deserve to be attacked

    • Ricky V says:

      +MG23 But you gotta say, AB quitting on his team is way over the top compared to anything OBJ has done.


    Colin likes em thicc and trunky and without cheekbones

  12. Sam Co says:

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd… where we also talk about sports

  13. Daniel Derrick says:

    Colin really out here calling guys with cheek bones hot

  14. Troy Johnson jr. says:

    Did this joker said “lit” in 2019?

  15. Daniel Wright says:

    Colin saying “I’m Lit” made my day.

  16. Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman says:

    Colin, retire lit from your vocabulary! Thanks: Management

  17. Ryan Croft says:

    Last half of this video is sus on Colins part

  18. Jake says:

    Love it, Herd can’t do a show without jabbing Cleveland…hey Herd do a show on the Baker’s NFL rookie record!

  19. mayhemlolz says:

    Hip hot new cool lit cheekbone guys > thicc trunky coastal kid ??

  20. Falloutboy 7889 says:

    Colin “Mcvay has abs”Cowherd

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