College Kids React To #10YearChallenge 2009 vs 2019

College Kids React To #10YearChallenge 2009 vs 2019

2009 vs 2019 Pictures Reacted to by College Kids. Original links below.
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College kids react to the #10YearChallenge 2009 vs 2019 pictures. Watch to see their reactions.

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2008 to 2018 BORN AGAIN BABY?

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College Kids React To #10YearChallenge 2009 vs 2019

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27 Responses

  1. Paulinaaa C says:

    I should be studying for midterms oh well

  2. Paula Gomez says:

    2:41 i’ve never heard more “kinda”s in one sec in my entire life

  3. Dan says:

    chelsea litteraly didnt change

  4. Peace It 27 says:

    “If I turn into a Squirtle…” -Tom

  5. Flareb 99 says:

    Chelsea looked like a former Disney channel star

  6. Daniel Ojeda says:

    Younger Tom looked like he was a dressed model

  7. Floymin says:

    Tom’s agent: “Look tough!”
    *gets mistaken for Drake Bell*

  8. cartuneslover18 says:

    2009: Ash Ketchum still hasn’t aged
    2019: His age finally catches up with him

  9. Matt Just says:

    Eric was a gymnast?! I wonder if he’s still flexible? You know…for science. *blush*

  10. jesters08joker says:

    Tom’s pic looks straight out of “Hi my name is Tom and you’re watching Disney Channel”

  11. SaikoHyeonsil x Plays says:

    Chelsea and Tom barely changed lmao

  12. Alucard Murcielago says:

    I wish Chelsea would see how beautiful she is

  13. Julianne Tierney says:

    Chelsea and Tom, from ten years ago look like early two thousands Disney channel stars!

  14. N3F ElementalsBros says:

    This is a lost comment, let’s see how many people found it in 10 years

  15. HowardPower13 says:

    Just noticed that Tom used to look like Michael Campion from Fuller House

  16. At Oussama says:

    Old generation: look at your dad at this cool beach wearing 60’s clothes and being cool
    New generation: here’s a photo of your dad with snapchat dog filter

  17. JustYourAverageGirl says:

    2009: YouTube is booming
    2019: YouTube is killing itself from the inside

  18. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Tom’s pic looks straight out of “Hi my name is Tom and you’re watching Disney Channel”

  19. Flower Girl says:

    React to arctic monkeys

  20. Apple says:

    Tom looks like into the spiderverse Peter parker

  21. Rashid Ali says:

    plz!!! do generations react to try not to get scared

  22. Animated Daniel says:

    React to imagine dragons

  23. ITzThe Fonk says:

    react to why by NF

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