College Kids React To New Lion King Trailer (Disney)

College Kids React To New Lion King Trailer (Disney)

New Lion King trailer, reacted to by College Kids. Original links below.
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College Kids react to the new Lion King trailer and watch a side by side comparison of the classic trailer. Watch to see their reactions.

Content Featured:
The Lion King Official Teaser Trailer

THE LION KING (1994 vs 2019) Official Teaser Comparison SHOT BY SHOT

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College Kids React #94 – College Kids React To New Lion King Trailer (Disney)

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29 Responses

  1. YsabelleFTWEvilRainbowFTL says:

    React to YouTube Rewind 2018

  2. Téa Jones says:

    I can’t believe they took out “Be Prepared” that’s one of the best songs in that movie

  3. KetchupW Dre says:

    Who here is an 8 yr old kid again because of this teaser😍😭

  4. Ken Hollis says:

    I usually don’t get hyped up for stuff, but this trailer made my eyes leak.

  5. Deeya Hime says:

    React Wind Flower or Egotistic by MAMAMOO

  6. Mirella Mara says:

    please react to wind flower by mamamoo!

  7. Flyin Mintbunny says:

    Can we all appreciate that James Earl Jones stayed alive and healthy? There’s no replacing him as Mufasa.

  8. east west says:

    This is my childhood too 😭 Im so excited to watch this on cinema!

    P.S. Can you please react to Mamamoo’s Windflower?

  9. ima direwolf says:

    One of those kids movie where 99% of the audience will be 30 😄

  10. CMRSRL :3 says:

    Please React to “Wind Flower” by Mamamo

  11. Marycarmen Rangel Tristan says:

    React to “Wind Flawer ” by MAMAMOO
    IS ART

  12. boviean 07 says:

    The cinemas are gonna be flooded by adults more than kids, I’m so excited for this, the lion king made my whole childhood

  13. Brandon the Chihuahua says:

    If they make Pinocchio into a “live action” thats gonna be nightmare fuel.

  14. Kim Brian Villamil says:

    This means i’ll cry again for this damn movie..

  15. Joey Stalone says:

    Actual Lions React To New Lion King Trailer (Disney)

  16. Sean Andaya says:

    Y’all everyone in the theatre will be crying when Simba tries to wake Mufasa after the stampede

  17. William Cruz says:

    if you didn’t have a lion king vhs as a kid we can’t be friends

  18. Liaa Lei Buenviaje says:

    Generations react to Mamamoo and Wanna one(Before they disband)

  19. X V says:

    Thank you god that earl James Jones is still alive there is only one mufasa!!!!!

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