Colombia vs. Costa Rica | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Colombia vs. Costa Rica | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Relive Saturday’s 2016 Copa America action between Colombia and Costa Rica.

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20 Responses

  1. ANTHONY HANDS says:

    Thx to Costa Rica USA win group A

  2. TheAeasy19 says:

    what a sleeper

  3. Dylan Lozano says:

    Colombia Lost cause they played 11 subs. then in the second half james ,
    cardoma , and cuadrado came. Colombia was saving all there players to rest
    and not get injured because they already made it to the knock out stage.

  4. Lionel Messi says:

    Ha Ha Columbia lost I cant wait to piss off my friends.

  5. summer crunch says:

    Too little too late for the ticos and for Colombia let’s see if it is true

  6. Rico The Beast says:

    People in the comment section don’t seem to realize that Colombia rested
    their starting 11, and you know what I have no problem with that, Colombia
    were most likely going to play against Brazil sooner or later, Colombia
    gave the group to the US, all I can say is bring on Brazil, and let
    everybody underestimate us, should be a GG, we beat Brazil last year in the
    Copa America and we can do it again this year

  7. Branco Martinez says:

    I do not kno what happend to Colombia they were doing gold man I guess
    Costa Rica just worked harder

  8. Cay Ari says:

    This was the best match with the best team… I was excpeting Colombia to
    KILL Costa Rica, but we showed them a good fight. With or without Navas-
    Costa Rica is boss!?

  9. Erick Rodriguez says:

    Don’t forget it, Mexico > US

  10. MrMCAlien says:

    I was in a resteraunt with a bar in it and a lot of drunk people were
    cheering for Colombia

  11. Branco Martinez says:

    it would of been a tied game if there was no auto goal

  12. xRevertzzHDx says:

    Doesn’t matter if Colombia used their subs because eventually the subs will
    have to play, I mean they’re are subs for the national team meaning they
    have potential. Costa Rica deserved this win even though they don’t qualify
    to move forward.

  13. Braeden Hendrick Loe says:


  14. Gaming Werk says:

    I like how people in the comment section first said that U.S.A had a
    horrible team when they played against Colombia, and then suddenly have a
    great one when Colombia loses to Costa Rica smh

  15. Lt kill says:

    As a Colombian this was a great game. Infact the 1st Soccet game i have
    attended at NRG Stadium.

    Felt like family, because that is how we are #ColombianPride !!

  16. 6paths6peins says:

    tbh costa rica played well except against usa. we should of won that game.
    lol we lost against a 32nd ranked team and costa rica is ranked 23rd in the
    world. im glad usa is having a nice run and improving their soccer. cheers
    to colombians though it was a fun game to watch.

  17. Umair Gaming says:

    Yahhhhh USA USA USA Columbia get rekt lol

  18. CrAzEDxKILLAx23 says:

    If Costa Rica would of played like this since the start of this tournament
    then they probably would of made it to the knockout stage. On the other
    hand Colombia sidelined their greatest players in this match. Colombia is
    saving their greatest players for the knockout stage.

  19. rafael medina says:

    it’s football

  20. Dianna Vargas says:

    +Nick Pope Uh, no, in english it’s COLOMBIA. It may be pronounced
    differently, but it is spelled with an O.