Colorado stays SHARP ⚔️ Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Colorado Buffaloes | Full Game Highlights

Colorado stays SHARP ⚔️ Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Colorado Buffaloes | Full Game Highlights

Check out these highlights from the Colorado Buffaloes’ 36-14 win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Week 2 of the college football season.

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55 Responses

  1. LASTSOCIAL says:

    Deion Sanders has basically started a revival in the entire state of Colorado.

  2. MrCarterFX says:

    I’m about to ask Deion Sanders what is the winning numbers to the mega millions because everything he says comes to fruition 😂😂😂

  3. Arthur Parker says:

    Shadeur is like Aaron Rodgers , calculated and doesn’t throw anything outrageous. He’s S O L I D !!

  4. The Angry Casual Fan says:

    Last year they were 1-11. This year they are already 2-0.

  5. ShakespearePage says:

    Anyone who watched Deion play football and baseball at the same time, at high levels, knows not to doubt this man. Prime Time 🔥

  6. JZ says:

    What a win for Colorado!

  7. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I saw two linebackers making perfect form tackles after looking bad last week they took care of the issue. Special teams played up to par also. Deion Sanders is a good coach.

    • simba says:

      Deion is a motivational speaker. He has already developed talents. Lets see what he does when his son is no longer quarterback.

    • RamboNoLove says:

      @simbahe gon get another 5 star at qb who probably will be better it’s Deion sanders my guy

    • Q45 54Q says:

      ​@simbafound the salty hater yall lol

    • Maze says:

      @simbashedur isn’t leaving after this season he’s gonna return next season

    • ronnely hights says:

      ​@simbathe number one quarterback prospect is already considering CU. It’s really sad to see so many dumb people in this world. You think with your feelings and not with your brain. If your a racist, be a racist. But at least have some common sense.

  8. Vi says:

    Coach Prime is living the NCAA 2K Dynasty Mode going from lower college team then moving up to a bigger market. My millennials if you know you know lol

  9. Allen Vick says:

    Travis wasn’t making to many flashy plays, but it’s good to see he was still being physical. Blocking, and tackling was good today. Everyone tackling was good 💯

    • real stiff says:

      Travis shut Nebraska on the defensive side. And was double on offense. That’s why he didn’t have a big offense game today

    • Allen Vick says:

      @real stiff I never said he didn’t have a good offensive game. He was productive on both sides of the ball

    • KingDizzleLTDinc. says:

      He bout to start getting the treatment of teams aren’t gone let him beat them,make others around him win the game,that’s the mental part he gone have to adapt to where he can’t feel bored or left out but he has the right coach that can prepare him for it,cause it’s gone come a time where gone have that breakout game,he just got to stay disciplined mentally

    • Willie Phillips says:

      Travis is always gonna be a powerful impact ,he gonna block,open up spots for his team mates

  10. Fong Xiong says:

    I dont watch College football, but I like what Coach Prime is doing to the NCAA

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