Colorado vs TCU 2023 Highlights

Colorado vs TCU 2023 Highlights

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  1. Well Off Media says:

    Another video posting later today

  2. Burbo2x says:

    BEST GAME I’VE EVER BEEN TO IN MY LIFE.. I was on the field wearing a Melo ball high school jersey.. I said “well off forever” to you Bucky

  3. autopilot says:

    Thank you, Deion, for making us feel like we know every player on the team. I’ve never rooted for so many individual players on a college football team in my life. That was awesome!

    And, after watching your game recap, the obvious players really balled out. But, the one that sort of went under the radar who played a hell of a game was Trevor Woods. He made a lot of great defensive plays.

  4. Robert Lyons says:

    It’s been a very amazing and inspirational journey!!! Congrats CU Buffs!!!!!!! You guys worked hard and PUT College football on NOTICE!!!!!!

    • REID X says:

      So very true, but inspiration, does not win the Natti, nice game, but we have along season ahead of us…praying for safety for all teams.

  5. Piccolo-san says:

    beyond proud of you all! this is becoming one of the best stories in NCAA history! thanks WellOff for the sideline access and your families success, congrats!

  6. Indigenouz Mindz says:

    This was definitely one of the best games I’ve ever seen live. These guys came to play. Hats off to Colorado. This was a statement.

  7. Tamathy Medford says:

    Bucky has me grinning from ear to ear with his enthusiasm and the love he has for his team and encouragement that he gives them .❤😂 Congratulations Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffalo

  8. Hgrant4630 says:

    I’m just too old. I have to admit it. About to be 60 and have been watching Well Off since Jackson State. I haven’t missed a video and I feel like these kids are actually my kids. Like I’m watching my grandkids grow into young men and how they approach everything. Not even gonna lie. A few tears snuck out the end of the game. So proud of these kids. People doubting. The “experts” having their say. Everybody talking about how TCU was going to dominate the Buffs. Nobody wanted to give them a chance……but those boys listened to Michael Irving….”I’m sorry. I gotta beat you today!” And that’s EXACTLY what they did. Nothing personal TCU……don’t take this ass-beating personal. You guys just happened to be on the schedule first!

  9. ChazzyChat says:

    I’ve watched every single video since y’all moved to Colorado. And to see how Coach Prime has literally built this program from the ground up has been incredible! Well done on capturing this transformational story! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  10. Neal Mccoy says:

    Only Deion Sanders could make me sit down for 3 hours and watch a TCU-Colorado game. And not only that, I was fully locked in for every minute. This was beyond entertaining!

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