Colored iMacs? Let’s Talk About Apple’s 4/20 Event!

Colored iMacs? Let’s Talk About Apple’s 4/20 Event!

Three major announcements at today’s Apple event: Airtags, iMacs and iPad Pros!

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0:00 Intro
1:11 AirTags
4:24 Colorful M1 iMacs
10:22 M1 iPad Pro
14:19 ExpressVPN

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Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds​​
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:


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49 Responses

  1. Phone Repair Guru says:

    Thanos iPhone

  2. J.D. Witherspoon says:

    “Only really pretty….From the Baaack” 😏

  3. Uncle Jessy says:

    Can’t wait to get my new iPad Pro 12.9 for some 3D Modeling! Gonna be wild

  4. Mark LaBonte says:

    That chin is actually a great branding opportunity for Dbrand. I’m sure college computer labs will slap something on there.

  5. Marcel Melchers says:

    The only reason that Hermès is so expensive is so you can show you had the money to just throw away. The same with all that Gucci/Vuitton/Hermès stuff.

  6. James Murdock says:

    did anyone else realize that the intro music was a snoop dogg song (the next episode) remix in honor of 420. Great job editors!

  7. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

    I actually kinda like those colors. The throwback vibes feel sweet 👌

    • Zsofia Antaloczy says:

      Yeees me too, I think it look really fresh. I actually love it

    • Aurelijus Langvinis says:

      I love how the most liked comments are just about colors. Nobody even have nothing bad to say about specs and so on. All we talk about are… colors which in like 3 days you will forget about it and only use the actual product. Love it. I think Apple did it again if we only discuss colors lol

    • Felipe Gonçalves says:

      Those bezels are HUGE . looks like 2015 imac

    • Aidan Ral says:

      @Felipe Gonçalves the bezels aren’t huge… it’s just the chin which is an iconic staple for iMac’s

    • Josh Craig says:

      I like the forest green

  8. itsonlymurray says:

    You’ve always wondered what the apple stickers are for, well now we know. They are for the new chin.

  9. True Cuckoo says:

    iPad Pro M1: 🔥
    Airtags: 👀
    AppleTV 4K: 👍🏽
    Consumer iMac M1 designs: looking forward to the pro machines

  10. Skip336 says:

    The Air Tags are going to cause a lot of divorces lol. I can see someone now trying to slip a AirTag on to their spouse without them knowing. 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

    • Zsofia Antaloczy says:

      Oh my Good, yees 😂

    • Marcel Puschacher says:

      They have talked about this in the keynote… you will get a notification if there is an airtag following you that is not yours, an it‘s owner is not around.

    • Taylor Schultz says:

      @Marcel Puschacher I wonder if it comes up as unknown if everyone is on the same family plan. Alternatively, just set up the tag on the phone you are following? I am able to see all the Apple products used on my family plan, so I assume my families airtags would show up.

    • Marcelo Nakasone says:

      So that will be an “iDivorce”!

    • Eshan H says:

      my wife saw this comment, im screwed

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