detergjent per femra

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20 Responses

  1. ezeldeen Kabaha says:

    i sick of mother fucking black people using the word resist fuck niggs you
    mother fucking cunt its 2016 no one care about your fucking color grow up
    mother fucker there is a real resist problems in the world like in israel
    fuck you

  2. Thompson Thomas says:

    haha literal and figurative black washing XD

  3. Jerrad Grinstead says:

    Coloured is better

  4. Preston Clayton says:

    China even copies shitty commercials…

  5. Jaxefer says:

    What the hell is up with all these racist laundry detergent commercials

  6. 王翊安 says:

    It’s just a bad ad, not Chinese’s business

  7. Happiness Bunny says:

    Liberal guilt makes this OK

  8. Redd Green Blu says:

    That’s racist!

  9. Project Realms says:

    Ok now I know for a fact social media is gonna be doing parodies of this
    for a while

  10. MRRUDEMANdb says:

    why is this trending

  11. Mason S says:

    thats funny

  12. Sam Robinson (mistopportunity) says:

    Ah, an origin story. I love a good story.

  13. Carson Luckey says:

    This is some racist shit right here damn

  14. 0alejandroellis0 says:

    Lol a reverse of the Asian one

  15. Slowburn says:

    The other commercial I can see being racist, it pretty much is saying that
    black folks are dirty non-blacks. This one I don’t think is so bad except
    maybe the “colored” part, but I think that was a more “lost in translation”
    type of thing…

  16. BaBoo Animation says:

    8 years ago

  17. A. Lee Composer says:

    *For all of you wondering why this is trending, I’ll tell you why:*

    Videos go onto the trending list when its views increase a lot in a short
    period of time. Some idiot probably found this really old video, shared it
    on FB or Twitter, and now it’s getting a lot of views as a result.

  18. Deja Doki says:

    The Italians know how it’s done but the chinese on the other hand have a
    long way to go

  19. Houston77x says:

    Lol what the fuck I just came back from watching the other one

  20. HeyIt'sNatalieC says: