Colton and Cassie open up about their journey to love l GMA

Colton and Cassie open up about their journey to love l GMA

“The Bachelor” discusses the explosive season finale and how he came to his final decision on his journey to love, live on “GMA.”

‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood on shocking finale with Cassie: ‘We have talked about an engagement’

Hours after that “Bachelor” finale that still has fans talking, Colton Underwood stopped by “GMA” with his new love to explain his shocking and very intense season.

Underwood, with Cassie right by his side, said, “We’ve been smiling the last 24 hours.”

Cassie said watching the show back together was like therapy.

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59 Responses

  1. AngelOne11 says:

    This is the most watched show in the US. Does this tell you something? Love and connection is missing very badly that we are attempting to live it through the TV watching others and generating the same feelings inside of us. I hope we all wake up one day and realize that we are not always correct. Chasing after material things isn’t the most important thing. Connection with others is.

  2. Ellen Boyle says:

    I love them and I wish nothing but love and happiness for them and I sure hope they do get Married in the future.

  3. Olive Ingabire says:

    they both have beautiful teeth!

  4. EVANGELINE Nosike says:

    I don’t know. It’s hard to watch.

    • Sophia Gewarges says:

      It just doesn’t seem real….. it seems like theres a lot of pressure on her part to be with colton, I dont know. I feel like this is all wierd….

  5. 15 Annabelle Betache says:

    He took a risk and I think it was better than spending time with someone who he doesn’t love.

    • Cali G says:

      It was so apparent he and Cassie belonged together— one day they will have such a gorgeous family!!!!

    • Faryal Zubair says:

      Chris soules

    • Kat Perse says:

      Good point. Not seeing these two lasting at all, but the best option for him for sure. This is something Chris Soules should have done. I mean he is a train wreck and girls dodged a bullet, but he did go for the one who loved him, not the one he loved. He had too much ego to do what Colton did. And I do have a lot of respect for Colton. Took guts to go all in on a girl who dumped him.

    • Chet Yuen Toh says:

      +Kat Perse yeah relationships are tough. I completely agree, actually this is my first time watching a full season of the bachelor, so i dont really know what happened at chris soules season. I honestly wish this two the very best, and like i feel they have a fighting chance, because they are going about this in a different way, the normal dating way. Plus cassie looks different and feels different in comparison to the part when she was in portugal and spain. Now she looks certain on how she feels about colton. And i feel like colton truly showed her how he feels about her, by leaping that fence and breaking up with the other two women. And i feel like after doing those grand gesture,in some ways he did get through to her, and it lead to her giving him a second chance. A love that has went through trials is one that lasts. Kudos to colton for being brave.

    • MiTtensZ 05 says:

      Exactly what he did to Tia is being done to him now

  6. Sea Mee says:

    Today does feel like Valentine’s Day. This morning I was blown away by such kindness, warmth and words that can take me to the middle of next week. This is what I needed. And I feel…love.❤️???✨

  7. Tigi ye Dingil Lij says:

    She played the GAME….. He chased her & followed his gut. Well, I hope they stay together forever…. Wish you both the best.

  8. Dee Scott says:

    The honeymoon period is always great isn’t it … well let’s wait and see

  9. PixieMermaid says:

    She looks glowing. They both are glowing. And she looks more mature in just a few months time being with Colton. From time when filming ended to time of the reveal right now, cassie looks turned into a woman . Seems she grew up. Shes behaving respectably and they appear to be genuinely happy.

  10. Tonya Dale says:

    Great interview with them. They seem to be in love and I’m happy for them.

  11. John Balnis says:

    You mean “their journey to ratings?”?

  12. Lizzy M says:

    Pure garbage! This is only for ratings and I have feeling they plan this for ratings so any how wish them happiness……

  13. Rich Kurbah says:

    Im so furious
    I really thought he’d pick me

  14. Celina Eve says:

    Everyone is forgetting that she is still human. AND only 23

  15. Birdie 01 says:

    What little fame chasers they both are!

    • Veronica D'Amico says:

      This is so fake
      Producers of that show are constantly looking for a new ending
      Ridicules.All is rehearsed surprise to viewers
      They will not be together

    • Tina Ly says:

      I disagree. They are genuine. They both followed their hearts. They’re taking their time. That’s the way to a more stable and solid relationship. They both value and respect each other.

  16. Tabby Caudill says:

    She looks so much like Hilary duff!

  17. D'Anna C says:

    Im really getting the feeling this Colton person is an adrenaline junkie.
    He been on 3 shows where his hormones have been bungee jumping and sky diving and sobbing over Tia, Becca, Aisha, Hannah, and now this rush of elation and depression and back up again to elation then sex and his anger moment when he knocks over cameras and leaves the show.
    This guy is a good looking Tom Cruise-like guy and we all know Tom’s stuggles with relationships and his fascinations with shiny objects and cults and women.
    They love the chase bc they LIVE THE HORMONES THEY ARE ADDICTED TO.
    This is infatuation, rejection, addiction, “smitten”, “crazy attracted” hormone swings.

    And then he’ll be crushed when real life begins and his hormones are bored and he will unwind out of this or she will get exhausted trying to convince herself her heart is into it when maybe it’s not.

  18. Summer Wright says:

    Just let them live their live and be happy.. if they don’t end up married and together forever then that’s their business it’s not ours. Honestly, I’m getting tired of seeing all these people hating on Cassie and what she did.. not gonna lie it made me mad watching it but I’m still happy for them and I wish them the best in their relationship.

  19. Music Fan says:

    Physically she looks older than 23. Mentally, she’s about 16 y.o.

  20. AggieAguilera says:

    Her body language looks like she’d slide off that seat to get away from him. Not to mention that his insistence that she love him simply because he wants her to is creepy and low-key controlling, but hey, go for it.

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