Colts Punt Block TD is Just What the Doctor Ordered!!!

Colts Punt Block TD is Just What the Doctor Ordered!!!

Indy turns a KC punt into a touchdown to get back into the game! The Indianapolis Colts take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Divisional Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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64 Responses

  1. Escocivo 30 says:

    Chiefs choking is starting now! Andy Reid is starting to REIDDDDDDD!!!!!!

  2. Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20 says:

    Colts will win 77-3

  3. High Life says:

    Don’t know what’s worse the colts defense or the offense they can’t even get a first down ??

  4. Haile Daniel says:


    Edit: damn, an Andy Reid led team isn’t choking in a crucial playoff game?

  5. SebDaSavag e says:

    Who else is watching live

  6. J.DØT 1K says:

    Chiefs already finna score again ??‍♂️

  7. Ferraro says:

    If the NFL pins this comment the browns will win the super bowl next year

  8. Side Swipe Basura says:

    Colts are still gonna lose, and they are gonna join us in the pit of misery. DILLY DILLY!!!

  9. GarbageDanks says:

    This punt block pissed off the chiefs!

  10. McGucci says:

    I’ll be uploading highlights of this game on my channel! Keep posted!

  11. Dat Way says:

    Who Else is here because you have no TV or CABLE ?????‍♂️

  12. Mathew Lagueux says:

    24-7 don’t matter… Big fat 0 for Colts offense.. just sad

  13. RM K says:

    Congratulations to the Chiefs on winning this game.

  14. tracy harri says:

    Don’t know what’s worse refs no call on chiefs or Chris collingworth lips kissing mahommes ass so much

  15. Kel Kyle says:

    Well anytime vinatieri is missing you know you’ve lost

  16. Don Bur’s Kryptonite says:

    Chiefs won 31-13

  17. xUltimatexInstinctx says:

    The best offensive line in football right. Oof

  18. Lose 50 Pounds In 7 Days Guaranteed says:

    Anybody else watching live?

  19. Ben Anderson says:

    Imagine if Justin Y is the default account for the workers at YouTube and that’s how he’s everywhere on this platform…

  20. DubbSaqTV says:

    *i swear on my family* that i will check out DubbSaqTV’s new music video (you just swore on your family) the clock starts now.. you have 5 minutes ?? or make this top comment in exchange for their safety

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