Colts vs. Patriots Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018

Colts vs. Patriots Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Indianapolis Colts take on the New England Patriots during Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season.

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101 Responses

  1. Ryan Henry Dean says:

    They edit these really quickly

  2. Dedicated Patriots Fan says:

    Andrew luck should demand to be traded

    • josh mcdonald says:

      Nak Loves Jesus he’s got one of the fastest release times this year. Only behind guys like Brady in that.

    • BeastMode 21 says:

      MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp no its the truth. You crazy if you think Franchise Players in the NBA have no power with the front office. They hold all the chips. No way they let Boogie go without AD’s knowledge first hand. AD wanted that team to himself to build around HIM no partnership

    • MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp says:

      +BeastMode 21 Anthony Davis admittedly said he was upset when Rondo was traded

    • Swaggy says:

      Bruce Wayne when are they ever healthy tho? You gotta feel for Andrew luck at some point and I’m not even a fan

  3. Mcruz11 says:

    TB12 to Josh Gordon givin me β€˜07 flashbacks oh lawdπŸ˜«πŸ’¦ #blitzforsix #🐐

  4. Christopher Law says:

    I kept saying put Gordon in to secure the win. Finally Belichick realized to use his ace in the hole. Hope he continues to progress to #1 receiver.

  5. Dedicated Patriots Fan says:

    Anyone remember when people were saying that the dynasty had ended ?

    I know they weren’t talkin bout us tho

    • Craig Carson says:

      +Hunter Smith..I dont know about best TEAMS..they have a legend for a QB and some good offensive players, but they have zero defense and a barely a running game..

    • Thorin Jordan says:

      They got no defense
      Mahomes is gonna throw bombs all day

    • P Visconti says:

      +X-Ryder He is a part of a team every fan is Because without fans there’s no money without money there’s no team

    • X-Ryder says:

      P Visconti so the fans also play the positions and win championships too right? Gtfoh

    • X-Ryder says:

      Liquid Poach’s Grandson you literally aren’t part of the team. Only the players. By that logic bandwagon fans have been playing for different teams

  6. Dedicated Patriots Fan says:

    A 41 year old man just leaped into the endzone

  7. Ryan Henry Dean says:

    I love how Brady can pump fake to James white and throw the opposite way to Sony Michel for a first down. They’re a devastating combo. James White, Sony Michel, Julian Edelman, Gronk, and Gordon. That’s a potentially epic offense.

  8. Double AA says:

    None of those INTS were even Brady’s fault

    • multimidnight13 says:

      +Christian Chris hahahahahaha. Dude if you tell me your address, i will personally come over and watch new england play in the first round and win…..with a box of skittles to make that win more sweet. Oh boy, you must be new to nfl because the new england era is not over lol. Brady will still have really good seasons until he retires. Bellicheck will make sure of that.

    • Mr. Stark I dont feel so good says:

      +SuperSpeedy1287 no, he is perfect. You dare question the almighty one?!?! Heresy.

    • Riley Reneau says:

      That’s why they tried to say Gronks was a fumble. #pathetic Stat padding.

  9. Mcruz11 says:

    Ok now tell me THAT didn’t remind you of Brady to MossπŸ˜‚ Flash Gordon coming for that ring y’all #blitzforsix

    • kiddglory5 says:

      Gordon made a play

    • ChokeslamToHell says:

      The Animal looked exactly like one of the two TD catches he made in Miami in 2007.

    • Chimera1591 says:

      It doesn’t. Moss was never a physical WR like Gordon. Moss was all speed, Gordon has power and mass to box players out.

    • Craig Carson says:

      at some point Brady is gonna lose a big game in the playoffs because he plays bad…not even he can beat father time and not even Bill B can game plan around that..the Pats still have a soft D and lack a running game..they are far from being back, though they are still dangerous. Seeing as how their division sucks, they should still be in the mix for home field

    • Thorin Jordan says:

      Until he smokes a J

  10. Jay Jay says:

    Who else is glad to to see Edelman back .

    • Raghava Matta says:

      Still doesn’t have his head in the game especially with those early drops regardless happy to see him playing football. Really wanna see gordon do great tho hes still my fave player all time idk i jus love his game except his off field stuff

    • God King Bob Ross says:

      Remember when he fumbled on top of a defender, never hitting the ground, and the Colts got the ball, but the Refs said it wasn’t a fumble when it clearly was? Good times.

    • Brandon Whiting says:

      Jay Jay as a jets fan… not me

    • Get Moneyman92 says:


  11. Larrysgdz Thebest says:

    Tom brady might as well play untill his 50

  12. VanHalenfan5150 says:

    Bruh the crane kick by Chung after the pick had me dead

  13. Dedicated Patriots Fan says:

    Colts about to say that we deflated the football again lmao

  14. Sean Graham says:

    At 3:22 you can hear Patterson telling brady that edelman’s open

  15. Bruce Wayne says:

    Can we lend Andrew Luck to the Jaguars for a year so he can slaughter the Patriots please? This guy NEEDS HELP! Smh. . .
    What? 8 drops. Defense gives up 38 POINTS!!! Luck is out there by himself. He’d have 450 yards with just decent recievers. I swear this is so frustrating to deal with. 10 starters injured. TEN PEOPLE!! Is that like some kind of joke? Two of the best linebackers in the league this year? Both injured. Our best WR? Injured. Two of the best DTs this year? Both injured. Our best RB? Injured. Our best TE? Injured. Our two best Tackles? Injured. Our third best tackle? Out for family reasons. Our best Cornerback? Injured. Our best tackling safety? Injured. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

    I’m not taking anything away from the Patriots, but my God people. What do you do as a fan? Alright, have a blessed day for anyone who read my rant.

    • Andrew Myrie says:

      As a jets fan… I feel more confident in betting your colts will finish with a better record than the jets will. Good luck on your season i just need one more loss from you guys since we play next week.

    • Young Mindz Rule says:

      How do u think it feels to be a Steelers fan…. Can’t ever beat this cheating patriots team in fact, We play worst when we play the Patriots….

    • JustLikeTazz says:

      id argue Ebron is better then Doyle, but other than that solid rant. Colts and Saints fans finally have something to argue together about.

    • James James says:

      As a Texans Fan I feel your pain. It seems like every game we’re losing a player. Our RB1 and WR2 is out, our 3rd option corner is out, I think 2 starting tackles are out. Like wtf. I have yet to see a game where all of our starters are healthy

    • IslangDong317 says:

      Bruce Wayne I love you baby

  16. Dedicated Patriots Fan says:

    We have
    Tom Brady
    Julian Edelman
    Chris Hogan
    Josh Gordon
    Phillip Dorsett
    Cordarelle Patterson
    James White
    Sony Michel
    Rob Gronkowski

    Yet a couple weeks ago people were so β€œconcerned” about our roster on offense

  17. Yelloh Pello says:

    The amount of trust that Brady has in Josh Gordon already is crazy

  18. Acepilot12345 says:

    Seems fitting Brady got his 500th off the Colts.

  19. Xeroxmyass says:

    Interesting Stat.
    Brady has 500 Touchdowns now on 8984 Attempts.

    500 TDS
    67418 Yards
    64% Completion Rate
    &only 167 Interceptions
    That gives him a rating of 97.5

    For Comparison to Peyton.
    When Manning had 8984 Attempts
    He had 17 more touchdowns at 517
    About 2000 more passing yards with 69,170 and a slightly higher completion rate of 65%
    But he also had 80 more interceptions!
    Giving him a rating of right under 97.

    Crazy how great these two have been for so long.

    • JCarson says:

      All of Rodgers’ stats are after the illegal contact rule change, so the numbers are kind of hard to compare. Brady and Manning played before those changes (though Manning and the Colts were the reason for the change).

    • Nas is the Goat says:

      Jordan Housel and still will be below brady

    • Dominique Carroll says:

      Jordan Housel
      Rogers is not on pace to 567 touchdowns! I love me some Aaron Rodgers but the Man didn’t start until like year 4 in his career, also missed half of like 2 seasons which hurt his numbers & his pace numbers!

    • Xeroxmyass says:

      Justin Arledge Nope! I took a statistician class and I have ways to figure this stuff out. But honestly anybody could do it, it’s simple.

    • Xeroxmyass says:

      Jordan Housel Rogers is amazing.

  20. RicoSuaVe says:

    I swear Tom Brady is Benjamin Button. The man is aging backwards and not losing a step.

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