Colts vs. Texans Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

Colts vs. Texans Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

The Indianapolis Colts take on the Houston Texans during Wild Card Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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67 Responses

  1. Victor Oladipo #indyismycity says:

    The colts might be the best team in the AFC with that offensive line, defense, and quarterback

  2. Spring Heeled Jack says:

    Where are all those Watson is better than Luck fools at now?

    • Faisal Rajab says:

      Luck is the next Payton Manning and he could run Watson is no where near Luck

    • Keaton Stemler says:

      Andrew Luck: 39 TDs, 15 INTs, 4593 Yards
      Deshaun Watson: 26 TDs, 9 INTs, 4165 Yards, 5 Rush TD’s

      Luck has 8 more TD’s, 400 more yards. Yes, he had more turnovers, but that is really about all Watson did better. Not to mention, Luck is way more clutch, a better play caller, a better decision maker, a better thrower, etc. Don’t get me wrong, Watson is a damn good player, but he isn’t even on the same level as Luck…yet. I believe he will get there. Looking forward to future battles between Luck and Watson.

    • KD DaGreat says:

      Mr. Hummus Watson is trash will never be an elite QB.

  3. Mee Mee says:

    9:42 was not a touchdown

    • Cristian 1 says:

      Die hard colts fan that lives in indiana but that was a touchdown, i personally believed it wasn’t but the announcers explained that as soon as the ball goes to the line it will not matter what happens afterwards

    • Ramprust says:

      Yes it was

    • Jason Allen says:

      +Cristian 1 You need your eyes checked then, the ball was coming loose before it crossed the line. The announcers said it was a fumble and would be Colts ball THEN after they upheld the ruling they made some lame “it’s a judgement call situation” comments. It absolutely was not a TD. You have to have possession of the ball when crossing the goal line, he didn’t have possession. Should have been Colts ball.

    • HAZZARD says:

      lol yes it was…he touched the ball afte rit crosses the plane. idiot

  4. Teal Town says:

    Fun Fact:Houston still hasn’t made a AFC championship ?

    • Well Drive says:

      When’s the Jags playoff game?….. ohh wait.

    • The Dorchaidhe says:

      Fun Fact: Jacksonville had the fastest turn around of a winning team to a garbage team in less than a year. As a Pats fan, I laugh every time Jags fans talk trash. You talk trash because your team and city are both trash. Brady traumatize your entire team so badly you guys couldn’t even recover from the ass whooping he gave you lmao.

    • Dynamo Gamer says:

      Fun fact the Jaguars didn’t make the playoffs

    • DrkViol801 says:

      Teal Town *an

  5. Little Chief says:

    That colts O-line in dangerous

  6. Kronic Impulse says:

    Let’s Go Colts!!!! This game should have been a shutout but the refs gave Houston that BS TD

    • Kronic Impulse says:

      Adrian Gonzalez what are you talking about? I’m from NM bud we ain’t got pro teams over here which is why I don’t root for teams of just 1 city lol gtfoh with that bs about me not being a real fan lol

    • Adrian Gonzalez says:

      Kronic Impulse never said you weren’t a “real” fan. But if you are a Celtics fan but not a pats fan then it is extremely likely that you are not from Boston. In which I was right about if you’re from new Mexico

    • Kronic Impulse says:

      Adrian Gonzalez Exactly I’m not from Boston which is why I don’t like the Pats not every Celtics fan is from Boston bud and not every Colts fan is from Indiana

    • Adrian Gonzalez says:

      Kronic Impulse I did not imply that either. Someone else in the comment thread found it strange that you are Celtics fan but not a Pats fan so it is apparent that you are not a Boston sports fan. That’s all that I implied. I’m well aware that not everyone has a professional team near them

    • Evil Duck says:

      U guys still would’ve won so the refs just wanted Texans to score probably

  7. Miles Swigart says:

    Remember when everyone was mad at Cowherd because he continually snubbed the Texans from his top ten and repeatedly put the Colts in?

    Good times.

  8. Noah Cootz says:

    DeShawn Watson celebrating meaningless first downs while choking away the game is my lifeblood.

  9. Dejuan Eberhardt says:

    Down 21-0 late in the 3rd and Watson is still doing his stupid first down point standing on the colts sideline lol. Someone should have laughed in his face and pointed at the scoreboard.

  10. Captain Andrew Luck says:

    Dearest mother —
    My time away from home shall be extended. The unit was victorious over the Texan men. Stupendous! It was a hard fought battle, but our lines held strong. I am so thrilled, my pen trembles as I write. My sidearm and resolve are true. I love you.
    — Andrew

  11. Mari Breon says:

    Texans are like the Toronto raptors of the NFL…they do good during regular season then once they hit playoffs they choke ???? ….salty jags fan here

  12. Rob Green says:

    Interview: “T. Y. Hilton owns you guys everytime he shows up, he even says this his second home.”
    Joseph : ” Nah, That’s for clowns”
    Hilton : (walks in with pennywise mask on) “The clown is in the building. “

  13. Willie Robinson says:

    TY wearing the ? mask was funny af haha! Can’t wait for the next game. Whatever happens, our Colts have done a great job so far.

  14. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Houston we have a problem

  15. Charissa Thompson says:

    The Texans were humiliated

  16. Lich King says:

    Houston on suicide watch rn

  17. Striker says:

    Deshawn Watson: Accuracy 98
    After game: 12

  18. Cypriano Way says:

    The Texans to the Pit of Misery! Dilly Dilly!

  19. CJM SLAYER says:

    Watson celebrating every first down while hes down 21-0. Keep your head down and keep playing.. the clocks still ticking

  20. Alpha Ampharos says:

    I saw the game, I’m just here to read the comments

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