Columbus Was a Genocidal Rapist | Decoded | MTV News

Columbus Was a Genocidal Rapist | Decoded | MTV News

Franchesca Ramsey:
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Anadarko, Oklahoma has become the most recent city in the US to get rid of “Columbus Day” in favor of “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” So why the change? Well, Christopher Columbus was actually a pretty terrible person, making celebrating him seem pretty pointless. Here are 5 reasons why we should get rid of his holiday. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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20 Responses

  1. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King day? Not only was he a slave to the
    whoremaster; he was also a physical abuser of women. The crypto-communist
    even embezzled from his own church to pay for his lurid activities. Why
    have his FBI files been sealed until 2027? What is the family hiding? Was
    MLK really a — Gulp! — FBI snitch? Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see blacks
    spray-painting “Snitch!” on MLK’s statue on the National Mall? “Martin
    Luther Snitch!” lol XD

  2. Robert Goergen says:

    Who cares , almost every person we have given a holiday to has a dark side,
    even MLK. At least with Columbus , Italians get a holiday . Like the Irish,
    African American ( they get a an entire month) , etc.
    Didn’t George Washington own slaves?
    So please, get off your high horse and please move to POLITICALLY CORRECT
    Hell, even Mickey Mantle was an asshole.

  3. augusto ballen says:

    well .. I’m agree about Columbus is a terrible person, but I think it’s
    important to commemorate the day when the Europeans and the native
    Americans first met..

  4. Why do you wanna know my name? says:

    Isn’t this the girl that pranked everyone by smashing her “head” on the
    table repeatedly?

  5. Rick Swans says:

    I think mtv needs to start doing what it was made to fucking do, and play
    MUSIC like its name suggest MUSIC TELEVISION, only retarded-ass social
    justice morons give a shit about any of this crap. I just want music I
    don’t give two flying fucks about anything else on mtv, just play goddamn

  6. Serbian Girl Albanian Boy says:

    So Christopher Columbus and his men were like Christian ISIS lol.

  7. Jesse Gibbs says:

    who really cares about columbus day anyway

  8. nmr17 says:

    Go home mtv news youre drunk

  9. Blibli Channel says:

    Thank you for this video, it’s really to the point. It’s vital to talk
    about all of these facts, especially since I’m pretty sure that the
    majority of people still don’t know them.

  10. ClassicHuffman says:


  11. tcpgblizzard says:

    True, he was a terrible person by today’s standards and even back in the
    Middle-Ages, people across Europe (mostly in England, Holy Roman Empire,
    Italian city-states, Austria etc.) were pretty shocked and horrified by the
    actions of Spain in S.America.

    Out of curiosity, will MTV do a video highlighting how Muhammad was a
    genocidal rapist too? He was a war criminal by today’s standards, he was a
    pedophile who married and raped a 9-year-old, he slaughtered thousands of
    innocent Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Idolatrs, Atheists simply due to
    them not being Muslim (let’s not forget that he was given shelter by Jews
    in his younger days in Medina, only to then butcher them all when he

  12. 170324341a says:

    Republican hero! Republicans will fight for Columbus Day to the death!

  13. dacrayzblaze1 says:

    I wish you would have referred to the Tainos by name though…

  14. KaiCrafter101 says:

    And yet conservatives still defend this racist pig? Wow! They deny actual
    historical facts. I have come to the final conclusion that conservatives
    are nothing but brick walls blocking the success of humanity.

  15. paul prieto says:

    PC life bro! you PC life bro? PC LIFEEE!!!!

  16. Armando E says:

    Oh god I always know that mtv hosts were a little retarded bu this cunt is
    beyond that
    1) Yes, he did discovered America, because since that time is when we knew
    what america was, the vikings as well as the Indians didn’t know where the
    fuck they were, the Columbus expedition did, they were the ones who put The
    Americas on the map, they were the first ones who knew how to get here ,
    return to Europe and comeback again, that’s what we said his expedition
    discovered The Americas.
    2) y 3 most of the rape and enslave stories are overstated , i’m not saying
    they didn’t happen, but they weren’t generalize, because that was not the
    law, The queen from spain ordered equal treatment to the natives, there’s a
    reason why we have blacks in America (the continent) and it’s because the
    Spaniards didn’t want to slave the natives, therefore they brought slaves
    from Africa.

  17. Bobby Brown says:

    Try April 20th – Adolf Hitler birthday – putting minorities and fagots into
    ovens for years (may need to bring that back soon).

  18. Emo Peter says:


  19. Mutant Merican says:

    “At every point where I landed, and succeeded in talking to them, I gave
    them some of everything I had — cloth and many other things — without
    receiving anything in return, but they are a hopelessly timid people. It is
    true that since they have gained more confidence and are losing this fear,
    they are so unsuspicious and so generous with what they possess, that no
    one who had not seen it would believe it.”

  20. Jon Gregull says:

    We should then get rid of MLK Day and rename it Racial Equality Day. Why
    you might ask? Following the same formula as was used for Columbus in this
    video, King had many skeletons in his closet. He was a womanizer and a
    thief, using money from SCLC for his drunken sex parties.
    The point is, King’s role in Racial Equality was nothing but positive, no
    matter how bad his personal life was. Columbus, who wasn’t perfect either,
    is most notable for SETTLING in the Americas…and STAYING. Think how
    differnt the Americas would be if he didn’t.