From I KNOW NIGO compilation album releasing 3/25:

directed by TYLER OKONMA
song produced by PHARRELL WILLIAMS
production: TARA RAZAVI for Happy Place
tie by le FLEUR*

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36 Responses

  1. tuv says:

    how does he only get better with every track/album 🥰

  2. One Time Music says:

    “Theres mfs with the hottest songs 4 years ago where tf are they now?” Tyler once again proves why he cant be ignored. The visuals, the Pharrell cameo, the outstanding instrumental and synths. Tyler truly is a master of his craft and one of few artists that had an amazing development throughout the years despite hardships. Tyler will go down as a legend 🐐

  3. Samuel Ko says:

    Tyler’s evolution in music is unmatched – Only artist I know who can consistently brings a new sound and MASTER IT

  4. Camryns Cove says:

    this is now my new fav song

  5. Valeria Guichard Lz. says:

    The mixing is always overwhelmingly good on Tyler’s work, and so early after cmiygl, too. Now even a full year and he’s already busting new tunes. This man’s making songs faster than I wash the dishes.

  6. Renee Majé says:

    the visuales, the flow, the instrumental. this man never misses.

  7. Rey Ruby says:

    I love how Tyler went from crazy dark underground-ish rapper to colorful crazy weirdo rapper. I love how he went from “do you know him?” “Yeah I know that one song he made” to “Do you know him?” “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”. Dude became what I always hoped for – Internationally famous well known rapper with NO bad clout or anything. Just a 100% honest weirdo who enjoys life to the fullest, someone who tries to get into every sub-genre of hip hop but stays true to his roots. This dude even CHANGED the fashion industry as a little side mission, together with Asap Rocky, and it wasn’t even their job. I just love this man.

    I’ve been listening to you for.. years. At least 10 years already. Back when Yonkers was new and people questioned your sanity. And back then I already knew that you’re gonna be huge one day, and I’m fucking glad it happened. I said the same to Doja, listened to her for years and years, “so high” just hit Youtube, and I told everyone that she’s gonna be a HUGE name one day, and here we are.

    Seriously, I love seeing those crazy Youtube artists becoming internationally known. I don’t gain anything from it, but I love seeing it.

  8. D Weiss says:

    I love the vibes. Just feeling the energy from this…. Was enough to make my day!

  9. Griffin Issler says:

    The house, the flow, the beat, the car, the drip, the punctuation, the sweat beads, the windows, the Brrr, the blue teeth, the gold teeth, ladder, the tick tick, the Pharrel, the green dress😩 this guy always moves forward, never backwards with every move, album, song. They don’t call him Felicia the GOAT for nuthin 😩💦

  10. mate says:

    The film is so good I thought it was for an album that’s upcoming, what Tyler has done last year-this year is honestly so inspiring and crazy for him to go from Goblin, skating, Odd future is a miracle.

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