[Comeback Stage] BTS – Boy With Luv , 방탄소년단 – 작은 것들을 위한 시 Show Music core 20190420

[Comeback Stage] BTS – Boy With Luv , 방탄소년단 – 작은 것들을 위한 시 Show Music core 20190420

Music core 20190420
BTS – Boy With Luv , 방탄소년단 – 작은 것들을 위한 시

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39 Responses

  1. Mochi says:

    Jimin is Soo Cute in this Hairstyle?He is Soo Gorgeous?His Voice And moves Are Always So Sharp and Perfect ?

  2. Shakira Por Siempre says:

    when jeongguk smiled at the end, I did too :’)

  3. Tayani Yohara says:

    2:16 That look in JK’s eyes. Oh!!!! now I am burning from the flame you made JK!!!

  4. sunnysmile1 says:

    Jimin’s hair swishing this way that! His voice reverberating off of the walls of heaven giving us these angel sounds that is so sweet, sexy and lovely ( I can’t explain the way his voice makes me feel ) wonderful! How can he look so laid back and relaxed doing such intense choreo; his footwork is unmatched – he is a dancing genius! Jimin is 360 art and a 100% gorgeous, hot babe!!!!!!! Jimin makes these comebacks worthwhile! I love the others, but Jimin shines too bright!

  5. sam L says:

    Jimin is so cute when he enters the room

  6. Jungkook says:

    Imagine jungkook looking at u like this 2:17 before kissing u..
    the question is will u survive before the kiss?

    HECK NO!

  7. dong carrot says:

    Jungkook quit kicking me with your duality. I didn’t need that at the end.

  8. Shine Mix says:

    Jungkook Vocal is perfect weather its live or not mamia what happen to me im inlove to him

    • Its HAYl3yy!!!!!! says:

      They all look the same lol

    • JUNGKOOK AH marry me says:

      +Its HAYl3yy!!!!!! lol why are u commenting the same in everywhere ? at first it’s hard to recognise them..but since the beginning i only could recognise jungkook..

  9. dyanin19 says:

    2:17 Yoongi melted my heart with his cuteness. And Jungkook’s stare made my heartu palpitateu. This kid!

  10. Selena Kang Smith says:

    I hope Jungkook look at me the way he did at 2:17 and 3:53 ???

  11. Bidyalakshmi Koijam says:

    Jungkook how many army’s do you want to kill with your sexiness ???

  12. BANGTAN angels says:

    *Jeon Jungkook*
    Angelic voice?✔?
    The Cutest?✔?
    Baby bunny?✔?
    Stage presence?✔?

  13. BANGTAN angels says:

    Do angel exist?

    Yes of course look at jeon jungkook

  14. BANGTAN angels says:

    Jeon jungkook = Full package of talents,beauty,voice and everything
    He is truly the golden maknae

  15. BANGTAN angels says:

    Oh jungkook ah what are u doing to me! Why are u attacking my weak heart?

  16. BANGTAN angels says:

    Wait what? Jungkook is hypnotising me!! I can’t stop myself repeating the last seconds over again and again

  17. BANGTAN angels says:

    Wanted: *jeon jungkook*
    Prize: 2000000 dollars
    Reason: He tried to attack me with that thumbnail

  18. BANGTAN angels says:

    How do we define perfection?
    look at *jeon jungkook*

  19. Riza Sahrani says:

    Why jimin so cutee? with pinkky hair omg…

  20. Charmed says:

    Jimin so soft and cute in this performance but then turns to a fierce sexy beast in Dionysus. The duality DUALITY!

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