Comedian Billy Crystal delivers funny and touching eulogy for Muhammad Ali

Comedian Billy Crystal delivers funny and touching eulogy for Muhammad Ali

Comedian Billy Crystal looked back on his fondest memories of his time with Muhammad Ali during a funny and heartfelt eulogy for the former boxing champion.

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20 Responses

  1. RL R says:

    Mike Tyson looks like he is bored to be there.

  2. HorizonChaser says:

    What Billy Crystal said is so very true….You really had to be alive
    during the 60’s and 70’s to understand.

  3. NawfsideHtown says:

    Ali was the greatest .
    Its a shame People praise Michael Jordan greedy ,self centered ass who
    never speaks out for or against anything other than issues that pertaining
    to him and his brand.Same as Mayweather,They’ll never be another Ali.

  4. Mario Debuck says:

    love Billy,RIP Muhammad

  5. Michael Baughan says:

    why are there any dislikes?!?!?!?!?

  6. xart23x says:

    Great but selfish too. Ain’t bout u crystal. This is HIS time.

  7. charlotte946 says:

    beautiful eulogy

  8. Samuel Thrift says:

    One of the most powerful speeches I’ve ever heard, very inspiring and
    powerful. We are imperfect beings, one should be so blessed to be so close
    to perfection by my perception. You can focus on the positives or take the
    negatives to heart. I choose to focus on the positives and work from there.

  9. Me says:

    Why is this ugly Jew up there?

  10. Ed Rosen says:

    It’s very good, but it’s more about Billy Crystal than Ali. The final
    sentence tells it all.

  11. Cary Carpenter says:

    That last part was a dig at Donald Trump when he said “we build bridges,
    not walls.”

  12. Paul Simmons says:

    Ali, like many great men and women before him, made the world a better
    place than he gound. Bridges, not walls.

    RIP Champ, you will always be the Greatest!

  13. Patrol327 says:

    Just another nigger dead and gone

  14. Michael Bitsoff says:

    I’m glad that I lived in the time of Ali and enjoyed his humor, his
    goodwill and humanity.

  15. Garvin Asimwe says:

    So eloquent.

  16. Teresa D says:


  17. Larod Tucker (Starr-1one) says:

    where’s the casket?

  18. PEPE LE PEW says:


  19. vince065us says:

    This is great! Teach,Mr.Crystal.

  20. PEPE LE PEW says: