coming clean

coming clean

This is a very dirty q&a.

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My favorite episode of Anthony’s series -I Spent A Day With Multiple Personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder):


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41 Responses

  1. hannahlvshn says:

    As someone who also has never been with a partner who actually listens before. It’s truly wonderful when you find someone who does. 💕

  2. William Rosario says:

    Can you start a fitness channel called “glam and core”

    • Annalise Harnevious says:


    • Zenigundam says:

      You’re a classic beta male. I bet you run on the elliptical machines and treadmills with the 120lb women while we REAL men are juicing up and pumping iron so we can bully guys like you when you try to do your little girly talk tactics to get women to converse with you and eventually date you. That’s not gonna happen anymore. We’re going back to the days when men who could fight and hold down their hard liquor won these women.

  3. Moa S says:

    Im a ginger and I was bullied, but not for being ginger sooo… that doesnt really count hahah, I have been called names for being a ginger though!!

  4. Abble Apple says:

    I can’t get over how beautiful this human is like excuse me that has to be illegal

  5. Cameron Cota says:

    “Do you believe any conspiracy theories?”
    Ghost frantically shaking the apt: IM WORKING ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Saeyoung Choi says:

    She looks like the Red Priestress from Game of Thrones !!!

  7. Ally Marie says:

    Chuck E. Cheese Theory: Even though I got dragged on Shane’s post, here’s the real tea on the place. I worked the kitchen all during high school and we had to use something called a rocking slicer. When you cut, and slide it into a tray, the pizza moves…annoyingly. Also, a lot of the photos are pizzas put onto a larger serving tray than needed causing it to spread around, but the actual cooking tray is much tighter. Now, maybe my Chuck E. Cheese was the anomaly, but we did not reuse the pizza. The kitchen would have to big and it wasn’t. You’d also have to have a very organized system to delegate old pizza. And I spent toooooo many hours fixing the stupid dough machine and throwing away dough that wasn’t used. Now…the buffalo wings on the other hand. Nasty. Thank you. Adore you by the way! Get it girl!

    • Michayla Lawrence says:

      Ally Marie it still to me doesn’t make sense why the pieces don’t fit together at all if it’s all the same pizza but I do believe the many many people who worked there and say it’s not true over the people who just buy the pizza and see it on the floor. I’m I think they just cook the toppings separately for some and then when people order the half toppings they take one half of the pepperoni and then match it to half of a cheese for some reason but I think they’re all fresh and haven’t left the kitchen at that point.

    • Brandi Bigelow says:

      Also people take there pizza home. That pizza isn’t cheap.

    • Jay C. says:

      @Michayla Lawrence My family used to go to Chuck-E-Cheese a lot when we were kids and you could order a specific amount of slices for a topping. Example: if you wanted 3 cheese slices and the rest of the pizza to be pepperoni it would be pretty difficult to exactly divide that out. My guess is that they make one whole pepperoni pizza and one whole cheese pizza and then take the three slices out of the cheese and swap with the pepperoni. So the slices are not from the same pizza but they also aren’t from a pizza that they grabbed off of someones tray. I hope this made sense lol

    • Shelby Miles says:

      TrUE those slicers push the pizza all over the place and if you try to push it back together and keep cutting it makes it even worse 😂😂

  8. Sly Blue says:

    The “dogs look like their owners” statement for me has become real ever since i know Mykie, she gives out the chaotic energy of a Klee Kai

  9. sunflowerX13 says:

    My fiancé was taking a nap next to me when you said “celebrating the 10 year anniversary of you asking this question” he audibly laughed once you finished and then continued to sleep.

  10. UghitsMe says:

    Who else just loves when Mykie says “A Ghost!” Even if she’s tired of saying it. Haha! I appreciate when you do.

  11. Esther Eve says:

    “Jokes on you I put an ad there anyway!!!”
    *Not a single ad for at least 10 minutes*

  12. Lexi Laubach says:

    Mykie “Cut out sugar, consistently eat healthy and sleep more”
    Me *eating ice cream out of the carton for the third time today after staying up for 28 hours* “So true girl!”

  13. Bouncy Mingi says:

    don’t worry Mykie my “devil tail story” happened while I was at a con, at the beginning of the con, right before I met one of my favourite actors.

  14. EmeraldSerpent 1 says:

    Myke: *Does Australian Accent*
    Me:……….I don’t sound like that…

  15. patricia b says:

    the little moment about anthony listening was so soft. but also yeah, it sucks that somehow it isn’t the standard. So cute to see a loving and beautiful relationship though, you guys are awesome (Edit: THE BERNIE TALK WE STAN)

    • Zenigundam says:

      You women sicken me. You wanna date these girly little “social butterfly” boy toys instead of us real meat and potatoes alpha males, who can FIGHT, but that’s all gonna change soon. And was the person who uploaded this video born a female? I’m noticing certain facial features and I’m curious.

  16. Lily Hoskins says:

    “I just don’t know when to talk your faces off”

    Literally any time. All the time. I will listen till long after my face has melted to the floor. Please talk my face off ❤

  17. Suan says:

    Mykie hugging her most ginger vampiresque self and i’ve never stan so much

  18. Erin Hutton says:


  19. Lovingsugakookies on wit says:

    “Tweens are gross”

    Me: being a tween “well dang”

  20. Josea Marcoz Ong says:

    She is giving me the maid on American horror story: murder house when she was younger! Yas queen! Looking gorgeous!

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