Coming Out. I Am Female.

Coming Out. I Am Female.

Happy Pride Month 🙂 for bookings/business

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  1. Jessica says:

    “If you’re ever lost, don’t go out, go in” – This is it.

  2. sydney says:

    Trevi, as someone who has admired you since o2l, I am so proud of you. When you said how vulnerable of a moment this was for you I sent you all the love and good vibes i had in my heart. Because the people who love you and your fans support you 100% and this doesn’t change that love or admiration in the slightest. I can’t imagine what you’re going through with your hormone therapy bc I know estrogen is a crazy mf but GIRLL YOU are SO STRONG. I love you and I am so proud. Last night was a full moon in sag which told us to let of of things that no longer serve us by GOING INWARD. So this was all meant to be. You are so amazing and I will always be a fan. Welcome to the sisterhood, we love you and support you!❤️

  3. stacy.renee says:

    Over the past few years, any time you have shown us Trevi, you have absolutely ROCKED it — seeming so confident, so happy, so FREE. From music videos, to going out, to just hanging with friends — SLAY, girl.

    You are GORGEOUS, and I cannot wait to watch you go through this journey. Proud of you. 💜 (💙💗🤍)

  4. Angelica Duarte says:

    Its really insane to see your journey up to this point, I’m so incredibly happy for you and proud that you are finding yourself! This really puts into perspective how long I’ve been watching you and your channel literally I was like 12-13(?) when I found you and immediately knew you were killing it with everything you made (vids and music) and now im 19….thats crazy. Ilysm Trevi can’t wait to see your documentary

  5. Kyan Rush says:

    I’m so thrilled for you, your sobriety, and your tenacity to be yourself in the face of SO much potential adversity! I’m non binary, myself and I just love you for you and always have, ALWAYS will. Those who matter will do the same, lovely. XO Kyan 🥰🙏

  6. Taco Bella says:

    Off topic & unrelated but Trevi looks so much like Saoirse Una Ronan

  7. Zakiya Slater says:

    I remember when you made a cry out for acceptance when you felt confident that you were between places. ❤ You said being pushed to be trans or identify one way or the other. Love you. Love your sober journey. Distract yourself. Maybe start a garden. It heals. Loved you and watched you since the beginning.

  8. Braelyn Thomas says:

    We have very similar ways we went through stuff! I transited at 20 or 21 and I’m now 25 and before 2018 I drank my heart out! I was in and out of the hospital 4 times and always told the psych unit what they needed to hear so I could get out and cope with the pain and disappointment in myself being trans but not out to everyone. Even starting my transition I met a guy who I thought loved me but at the end of the day he used me and made me do things I knew I wasn’t happy with like having me get off my meds. But I’m basically sober since 2018 after meeting my amazing bf, I have a drink now and there but only like 1 or 2 and that’s once every like 3-5 months compared to hating myself and still transitioning but not yet accepting it and drinking everyday pretty much.

  9. Logan Campbell says:

    This reminds me of when you’re in the shower pretending you’re getting interviewed by Oprah.

  10. Shanee says:

    “Don’t go out; Go in.”
    Great advice!! You got this!! You’re stronger than you think you are!! 💞

  11. Heather Bardin says:

    Hello Trevi, don’t know much about you but I love you. Ever need an ear, I’m here. <3

  12. Reagyn Shattock says:

    I haven’t watched you in a while, but this came up on my recommended and I’m so proud of you, Trevi! I know this type of thing isn’t easy to do and I will never know the feeling but I admire people everyday who have to come out just to be themselves. Also, happy pride month!!!

  13. Apple Goose says:

    just like…I mean I think my I think my profile pic says all that needs to be said

  14. Stormy Cassida says:

    “Don’t go out, go in” This hit so hard. 💜 It’s so very true though.

  15. EVILTABLE says:

    Today is my first time knowing that you even exist… You come off as a very sincere person and I just wanna say thank you for being you and using your voice to share such personal things… It’s not an easy thing to conquer, but you did it! We are all rooting for you

  16. strangerpilot says:

    I’m a transman. So proud for you to be my sister. You have a whole community of siblings here for you now, and you’re not alone at all. Well done Trevi. You’re a powerful woman. From a brother 🥰

  17. katie fleming says:

    “If you’re lost dont go out, go in.” Is the most real thing I’ve ever heard. That’s so fucking inspiring. So proud trevi

  18. Meku Kuro says:

    I understand you so well, especially with the fact of people “pushing you to be transgender”.

    Before I came out 4 years ago, people constantly made me feel like being a transguy is not the same as being a cisguy, and because of that I always thought, “you will never be a _real_ guy, people will always be a _trans_ guy to them”, which I know now is the wrong way to look at it.

    I am still not able to get over this fully, because my mum always made me feel like being trans is not being a real guy, even now that I am an adult and have been out for 4 years, she calls me by my birthname and uses the wrong pronouns, making it very hard for me a lot of the time. Like, it makes me want to give up, because I know that she is never going to accept me.

    But on the other hand, I know that I have my friends and I know that I have my dad that stand by me.

    I found your channel and your music around the same time that I came out, meaning in 2016, and I’ve been following you ever since. I doubt that you will ever read this, but I support you so much. You are a beautiful woman and I am so proud that you managed to make it this far. I stand by you and I know that you are strong and you can make this journey, because it gets hard sometimes, but I believe that you can pull through.

    Have a good day <3

  19. Jac Buttafuoco says:

    This is so full circle for me because you were one of the reasons I decided to come out as trans and have the bravery to be who I wanted to be. I’m so glad that you can finally do the same girl. I’m so proud of you. I love you

  20. Irit Reddy says:

    Trevi, I really hope you thought this through. I remember your video called “My gender” 2 years ago, talking about how u thought you’re trans, but realised you weren’t. It was a lovely, honest video of u just talking about your life long struggles with your identity. I really wish this video was longer, explaining how you changed your mind again about your gender and how you reached that conclusion. I really hope that this time you really know what you’re doing, because I don’t need to remind you that transitioning is something (almost) irreversible. All the best, I hope you heal and fully find yourself.

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