Coming Out To You

Coming Out To You

I talk about growing up gay, my coming out experiences and what I’d say to anyone going through it too!
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66 Responses

  1. Celli says:

    Dan: comes out in pride month

    Phil: *being extra and does it on 1st of July*

  2. melondew says:

    I just watched the glowy dinosaur the entire video so I’m a bit lost rn

  3. Louis The SEGA Nerd says:

    Dan: 45 minute monologue
    Phil: 5 second video where his knee dies

    Can we get an F for Phils knee…

  4. H Ramóna says:

    Ppl: pride month is over
    Phil ‘sips water from a vase’

  5. weird son of a bitch says:

    hun we can tell your hair color you didn’t dye your eye brows

  6. Ffion R says:

    Dans video had me crying and inspired

    Eugenes video had me crying and proud

    Phils video had me crying with laughter and happy

    I’m proud of you all, be yourselves we love you ❤️?????

  7. Shreya Sharma says:

    how can phil narrate something so seemingly big and emotional like a meme shitpost

  8. Melanie Bush says:

    the real question here is

    when are you gonna be uploading to Dan and Phil games again?

  9. mia sky says:

    dan: makes emotional heartfelt video about him coming to terms with his sexuality
    phil: what up peeps i’m gAyayYy

  10. punkarse noah says:

    Irrelevant but for some reason I thought his brown/ginger hair just turned black as he grew older. I’m an idiot ?

  11. Moni#5772 says:

    If you don’t want that sideboob I’ll take it
    Congrats on liking boys btw

    Oh and sorry about your hair insecurities

  12. Sydney VanDeventer says:

    Dan’s video: 45 minutes of amazingness
    Phil’s video: 7 minutes of amazingness

    Both videos are valid and good and we all should continue to respect their privacy!

  13. Soracchi says:

    me, 14 yo: i cant believe i had a dream about kissing girls!

    me, now: i cant believe i DIDNT have a dream about kissing girls!

    • kennedy :/ says:

      me at age 10: wow I think I have a crush on sam from sam and cat
      me 8 years later after numerous crushes on girls that I never confronted out of my own insecurity: oh shit

    • Abby says:

      **has had multiple instances ever since I was 4 that show that I am into girls**
      **has had multiple instances ever since I was 4 that show I am into guys**
      **has surprisingly had multiple instances ever since I was 4 that show that I am polyamorous and want to be with multiple people at the same time**
      **has multiple instances that show that I’m into everybody regardless of gender and just want to flirt with everyone**
      **has very obvious signs that I’m unhappy with my gender**
      Still me: Am I a straight cis person who only wants to be polyamorous because I am now scared to be with people because of things I went through when I was 10? Maybe.
      Seriously, wtf is my logic sometimes.

    • S3V3N7H WH33L says:

      that’s a mood

  14. My graph is better than yours says:


  15. Tom Edëk says:

    Dan : * 45 minute video *
    Todrick Hall: I LIKE BOYS

    Phil: hold my vase

  16. CookieCreamCrumble says:

    Phil I think it’s time you embrace who you are. It’s okay to be ginger.

  17. Hajime Kanehira says:

    When Phil comes out,
    Text: Thats cool, just as long as you don’t have a thing for me.

    When Dan comes out,
    Text: Don’t forget the Ipad Xx

  18. Aura Shahazad says:

    Phil is so calm and chill. He could tell me he murdered someone and I will go all okay cool.

  19. Aria Colmen says:

    I honestly feel so lied to
    I’m so disappointed, but I should have known

    Your eyebrows are brown compared to the hair on your head. It’s okay to be a ginger, we still love you

  20. SashDaMeme says:

    dan: hour long video, serious and professional.
    phil: memes himself and breaks knee on a door

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