Comment Magic or Science #shorts

Comment Magic or Science #shorts

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29 Responses

  1. Matt Hyatt says:

    You get the exact same thing without the icy hot.

    • Firemaster 21 says:

      @ryan hammond how about trying the experiment, also I’m unsure that they’re debating if water would got in cup with or without icy hot. It’s a fact it will happen with it. However, I see no reason for the icy hot to be detrimental towards the experiment. However, it’s does seem reasonable to see if their claims hold water, as I’m almost certain nobody here’s actually tested it themselves.

    • Nick Slaughter says:

      @Jacob Viator bro, because a lot of people born from 1999 and up are dumb as hell

    • Jacob Viator says:

      @tanner meche no you are completely wrong! The icy hot does absolutely nothing!! It doesn’t create any kind of seal and you don’t have to go any slower! It all has to do with air pressure and the air in the cup is trapped and cannot escape! This is really not that difficult, why are some of you struggling so much with this simple concept!

    • Allisson Uribe says:

      @ryan hammond Uh I think your the one smoking something because no one asked u

    • look at my pfp says:

      @Josh Scott the gas is called Air that feeds fire and there’s no way the icy hot makes air

  2. creaperroblox says:

    Science, because when you had the cup pushing the candle into the water it created a air gap so the candle does not go off.

  3. The_Cone_Man says:

    “Science is like magic that works”

  4. Michael says:

    This is cool and the bird is really cool! But idk I think you don’t need the muscle relief idk tho

  5. Cynthia Bullard says:

    Bruh, this is easy, the air can’t escape so it doesn’t flood, also why the candle goes down, like I said, easy

    (You also don’t need the muscle relief stuff)

    • Malia Douglas says:

      @Silksong Reactions oh ok! thanks for correcting me!

    • Allie Marcone says:

      @Malia Douglas haha 😂

    • BabyYodaBirb says:

      @Silksong Reactions true. If you wanna try it out for yourself fill your sink with water, place a clear object into your sink and a small floating object under it. The top of the floating object should stay relatively dry

    • Silksong Reactions says:

      @Malia Douglas that’s not how it works. The air in the cup doesn’t want to compress so it doesn’t allow any water to go in. It has nothing to do with size (although with a very large container I’d imagine the water level would go up a few inches)

    • Malia Douglas says:

      the theory doesn’t make sense tho..the cup is bigger than the candle so water has to fall into the cup

  6. Lightning_Studios says:

    Fun fact: you might’ve increased the space for air. If you take a bucket and use it like the cup, you will know that there is air still in the bucket. If you make a mistake by tilting the bucket to the side, there goes your air.

  7. Fish ASMR 🐠✨ says:

    Me: minding my business
    Him: “MmmMmMM THat SmELls So GoOD”

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