Comment Your Favorite Christmas Stories

Comment Your Favorite Christmas Stories

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  1. CynosureYT says:

    When I was 3, my dad beat me on Christmas.

    Also I got a Gameboy.

  2. MagicPancil says:

    I was 6 and my sister was 8 when that happened . It was almost night and there weren’t any presents under Christmas tree yet. My grandma told us that she want to show us that animals are talking so we should go outside. But before that happened me and my sister weren’t so sure about that. We decided to hide a camera under the bed so it’ll be recording what’s happening while we’re not home. So we went outside and after 20 minutes we went back to our grandma house. We saw that presents are under Christmas tree! My mum told us that when we wasn’t home Santa came in and gave us presents. Me and my sis looked at the camera we hidden and it was still recording. We watched it and we saw that on recording our parents we putting presents under the Christmas tree. I was super sad. That’s how me and my sister realized that Santa isn’t real. I showed recording to my family year later. They were so embarrassed xD. I still have this recording.

    I hope you see this comment. BTW in Poland we get our presents on the same evening when the dinner is so it’s not like we need to sleep and after that we get presents. So yeah. Hehe. He…

  3. madison siddiq says:

    Um I’m don’t celebrate Christmas but thanks for making us laugh James!

  4. Johnny 101 says:

    One time, near Christmas time, my brother, sister and I decided to play ice soccer! It’s soccer, but on ice! You can probably imagine where this is going. So, there were 2 teams: my brother and sister Vs. Me. It was about the end of the game and I was behind 2 points when my sister and I both sprinted across the ice to shoot the ball. We were running towards each other; she was on her side and I on mine. She got to the ball first and went for a power shot, but completely missed and slipped on the ice falling on her back. I tried to stop my momentum, but in the process I slipped, but my foot apparently managed to kick the ball through the legs of my brother into the goal. I got up laughing, but my sister didn’t think the situation was that comical. Needless to say, we ended the game as a Tie! ?

  5. -_- says:

    my siblings and I would wait until midnight to open up all our presents.

    p.s. gingerbread tastes disgusting

  6. Abi Matthews says:

    Once apon a time,there was a weird green furry thing called the Grinch,who was doomed to be an outcast from the start.After his hot crush rejected him he basically squishes the class bully at school with a Christmas tree.Anyway,he now is a sad,lonely,old man on a 10000000000 feet tall mountain.He basically murders santa and steals his clothes.Then he throws like a quintillion presents off a mountain.He starts flying and then…nah I’m just kidding.His heart basically cracks his ribs and grows and he likes Christmas now for some unknown reason.He becomes super man and lifts a heavy fat sleigh.Everyone is happy and the Grinch eats chicken.THE SWAGGEST END CARD EVER BABY

    • poopnickle 0 says:


  7. Owen Teodoro says:

    How Rudolphs mom had an affair with a clown.

  8. M.J. Music Plays! says:

    This is less of a Christmas story and more of a holiday story, but I really like it. So we just recently had this Jewish family move in across the street. They have a four year old boy and a one year old girl. My family is Christian, so we obviously never celebrate Hanukkah, but after babysitting for them my sister wanted to get the kids little gifts and I was completely on board. So we went to target for like an hour and a half trying to figure out what you get some one during Hanukkah, but finally we got the boy some superhero action figure things, the girl a light up wand, and each of them got candy and a Star Wars stuffed animal. When we went to drop off the gifts, the mom answered the door and her face lit up. We gave the kids the gifts and they invited us to stay for the lighting of the Menorah. The kids showed us how to do it, and the parents explained what Hanukkah is all about. They also showed us how to play with the dreidel. My sister and I then shared a Hanukkah song we learned in choir called “Light the Legend” and joined them in singing “Shalom Chaverim”. It was so fun learning new traditions and it just reminded me how wonderful it is that people of very different beliefs can still love each other, respect each other, and share in each other’s cultures

  9. The Nutt Cracker says:

    one time it christmas
    i S U C C a hotdog

    then i have big gae

  10. Broccoli assassin says:

    When i was like 5 i got this really big box and saw it under the Christmas tree and was like “its for me???” So i go and open it is a giant freaking doll and i just start crying and i throw it while everyone else is laughing… now im scarred for life

  11. Explosion4dayz says:

    1 time I noticed a plain flying on a foggy night and that’s how I found out how the story of rewdalf was maid

  12. SeaHeart 1234 says:

    Once me and my brother had a calendar (you know one of those boxes where you get a chocolate every day and it’s supposed to count the days but everyone just cares about the food?) and on the first day, I ripped mine. When we got home from school, our dog (Rosie) had eaten one of the calendars. My mum/mom said that who ever calendar it was, would get a bigger and better one. So being the stupid, greedy kid that I was, I told her that it was mine. But it wasn’t sooooooo…..



  13. Holiday Home says:

    One Christmas my dad and I built a 7 and a half or about 8 foot snowman a few weeks before Christmas. About a week before Christmas it got really hot then the next day it got to close to 0 degrees. I at the time thought it was a great idea to go throw sticks and kick the 7 and a half foot ICE snowman (in hindsight it wasn’t the best idea). Eventually the bottom of the snowman broke and the whole thing fell on my friends leg and broke it. He was in the hospital for Christmas, but they still had a nice Christmas. I felt horrible for what happened, because I was somewhat responsible for it. This was about ten years ago, but some people still remember it other that me and him. Either way, it’s funny for everyone now.? Merry Christmas!

  14. Bro Life says:

    My Christmas story is when I was 8 and I have just found out what “century” means and when my parents told me that Rudolph was from the 20th century, I started crying and shouting out loud.

  15. Dayala Singh says:

    I don’t do Christmas. I do play smash Bros though.

  16. Wyatt Salmon says:

    *Things that I hate about YouTube comments:*

    *1. Lists*
    *2. Speling erors*
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    *4. People making the comment bold just to get more attention*
    *Edit: 5. People editing their comments*
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    *Like if you agree*

  17. ReiRei’s Stuff says:

    One Christmas morning lil Jimmy awoke to see it was still dark outside he immediately ran to his living room to see if Santa had come then he heard some thing…..Bells?
    He looked outside and saw something it was spectacular,amazing it was greater than anything he had anything he had ever seen before he called his brother bob and together they went out to take a better look at………HARRY THE MOTH WEARING COWBELLS
    the end

  18. Falcongamer 50 says:

    On Christmas day I….
    * thinks * HMMMMM


    I wore my seat belt while going to grandma’s

  19. Ross • says:

    One Christmas I got a rock.

    The end.

  20. Amanda Imes says:

    My first Christmas since moving away from my hometown, it snowed! It was the first time I saw snow and it was really special?

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