Competitive Play Trailer | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Competitive Play Trailer | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Pokémon VG players, this one’s for you.

The game’s about to change in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet!


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45 Responses

  1. TerminalMontage says:

    Oh this meta is gonna be FUN.

  2. Vivi Nogueras says:

    So tera blast is a huge hidden power, im glad that some mons like jolteon that is really limited by moveset is going to be brought back. Abomasnow would be also funny to use the same way we use tyranitar ,this is huge for both of them and overall ice and bug pokemons, i hope they get another buff.

    • m a r s h m e l o says:

      @Sinteleon Tera Blast itself would be redundant if Hidden Power was changed to match Tera type—seems like HP would do the same thing except it would have the tera type without having to terastalize.

      My guess is HP is getting the SwSh treatment this generation and it’s just getting axed. Either it’ll be redundant or you literally get TWO moves to round out type coverage options.

    • Sinteleon says:

      @m a r s h m e l o I’m inclined to believe hidden power would be changed to match tera type outright, which would simplify things. (that or tera blast outright replacing hidden power)

    • Vivi Nogueras says:

      @m a r s h m e l o It would be funny to see even if fairy is capped, fairy along with steel are insanely strong types.
      At least would be an enjoyable content for breeders (badges made the breed way easier) to make a duo coverage decent.

    • m a r s h m e l o says:

      @Vivi Nogueras I wonder if it’ll stay in Gen 9 though. With this mechanic I’m inclined to think HP won’t return. The typing for HP is determined as it has been between gen 3-5 which means Fairy is not included.

    • Vivi Nogueras says:

      @m a r s h m e l o Oh that’s great. I haven’t played BDSP but if it’s playable, It’s like having 2 “meta” coverage moves to use for special mons.

  3. Emily Clarke says:

    Shed Tail seems like it would be quite a good move, would probably be especially strong on a regenerator pokemon.

  4. Scrima Games (Gamers' Reality) ✓ says:

    Those are some amazing surprises. The ghost icon is adorable and nostalgic.

  5. Adamas says:

    Tera blast is basically hidden power with a bang. Granted it is once per battle but having that type of coverage for every pokemon is gonna be brutal.
    Mirror herb is gonna be a lot of fun

    • LeopardBunny says:

      @Fnaf Jb SFM Hidden Power’s purpose was never high damage, it was specific coverage for specific threats. HP Fire for Ferrothorn/Scizor or HP Ice for Gliscor/Garchomp/(insert 4X ice weak dragon here) for example.

    • Fnaf Jb SFM says:

      Hidden power sucks

    • Arvin says:

      It’s better hidden power since it uses the attack stat that is the highest. Like with TTar on the video, it uses Attack stat.

    • mepphy99 says:

      Tera form and tera Blast lasts all match unitl you switch

    • blueyoshi1124 says:

      It’s hidden power on one pokemon, unless you want to put this move on a pokemon that isn’t teraing and waste a move slot

  6. Eduardo Ramos Flores says:

    I’m glad Breloom is back. He hasn’t been in a regional dex for a while

  7. Connor Shaw says:

    I was a little skeptical of type switching as a mechanic, but seeing it in action I can see how it actually has good potential to add depth to fights without being too overwhelmingly powerful. I like it better than Dynamax at least.

    • Sinteleon says:

      @LG225 It means that one trick/choice scarf setups is likely going to have to restrategise, as yes, this basically destroys those types of setups. Not that those types of setups aren’t already destroyed by the opponent just having an appropriate counter to your choice mon anyway.

    • LG225 says:

      if they pull it off right I think it’s got potential to be pretty cool, but at the same time your opponent being able to completely destroy your check/counter to that Pokémon at any given moment seems very broken. like if you bring in your choice scarf vanilluxe against a garchomp and suddenly it becomes steel type and eats the ice beam, destroying you in the process, that is crazy overpowered. maybe it’s kinda like gigantamax in a way where only 1 Pokémon can dynamax each fight and they need to specifically be terrastalled or whatever beforehand. idk but this has the potential to be as mere as a super strong hidden power or as meta breaking than anything we’ve seen before

    • Connor Shaw says:

      @Theurgy Potentially at its worst, but I think it still looks more fun and less disruptive than each player getting a 3 turn buff that changes their moveset, gives a wide range of pokemon access to weather conditions and stat buffs they normally can’t get, and doubles their health, completely shifting which pokemon can survive what.

      A lot of people are saying that it’s going to turn pokemon into one giant guessing game. But let’s not forget that Pokemon was always a guessing game. An opponent can build HP and defence on a Pokemon that’s usually a sweeper, pack weakness policy on a pokemon that usually runs a different item, or use off meta movesets that punish you for expecting Thunder Wave when they’re actually going for Nasty Plot. You can’t see any of that in the team preview and it’s more than capable of turning the tide of an entire battle if it takes you by surprise.

    • Theurgy says:

      i was sceptical too, now im entirely disappointed. because it’s shit ton more broken than dynamax

    • Alan Ames says:

      I like the new mechanic also but Dynamax was cool too. I never found anything immediately wrong with Dynamax despite doing multiple Ranked Battles and losing most of them. The only times it was awful was when I came across a player who was desperate to win and stacked his team with the strongest Pokémon he could think of, only then did Dynamax feel unfair

  8. Hyunllx says:

    “Loaded dice” is such a good item name for something that gives better luck honestly

    • Barney Boyle says:

      “Loaded dice” isn’t an original term. It’s been used for like centuries. It actually gets used a lot in video games. I just saw it in league of legends an hour ago

    • Kiriu Xeosa says:

      Honestly like the name but the idea is what I’ve been wanting for a long time. We had so many of the same items for other moves like wrap and such but when I want to use bullet seed its always luck that makes me back out of keeping it

    • Brimblam says:

      @Dark Impulse Probably not since thats not a multi-hit, more a multi-turn hit

    • Dark Impulse says:

      It wouldn’t apply to rollout, would it? If it does that’d make Whitney’s Miltank unstoppable in a Johto remake

  9. BeyondEcho says:

    Dude shed tail is OP, also, LOVE loaded dice. Definitely gonna be using that one

  10. BloodNothinglol says:

    The Mirror herb is so interesting. Can even turn the tables on Weakness policy strats

    • ilavain says:

      @Kiriu Xeosa pretty sure it will work like white herb but in reverse, so the way white herb removes both defense drops of shell break it would probably give you every buff. Idk if it will copy two sources of buffs if they apply at the same time tho

    • Kiriu Xeosa says:

      Would you get the max stat increase or just the single increment? Might just want to bait it out with a quick defense curl then start buffing

    • ilavain says:

      just imagining copying weakness policy Coalossal’s +6 speed and +2 atk/spatk is making me giddy

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