Complete exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok

Complete exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok

Complete exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok. This exchange includes several Points of Order and Parliamentary Inquiries along with the following:

Strzok: “That text in no way suggested that I or the FBI would take any action to influence the candidacyโ€ฆ”
Gowdy: “That is a fantastic answer to a question nobody asked.”

Strzok: “I don’t appreciate what was originally said being changed.” Gowdy: “I don’t give a damn what you appreciate Agent Strzok.”

Full video here:

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76 Responses

  1. robsycko says:

    Ask him what was so terrifying about a Trump Victory. Just like Hillary said they will all HANG!

  2. robsycko says:

    Look at that mans Face He actually Hates Trump. If he thinks he hates him now wait till this is over!

    • Eric Miller says:

      In these comments faggots show off their faggotry. Smug liberals get the bullet too.

    • Jeff's RGU says:

      Not happenin dude, they will take you back across the borderย before that happens.

    • sabra Flickinger says:

      robsycko if you think STRZOK lying you sure can’t tell a lie from the truth if STRZOK wanted to harm trump he would’ve pulled a comey on him he didn’t smirk or not passion 4 country & truth is not fear sorry buddy! We in text meant America

    • sam X says:

      Eric Miller : The Reich Wing bigoted trumpskins who champion of a serial sexual predator who has had over 20 sexual assault law suit filed against him.A man who has cheated millions from people coned by Trump University,He deviant who enriches himself off tax dollars while paying porn stars to have sex with him

    • Eric Miller says:

      sam X I ain’t reading that bullshit. Charges don’t equal conviction. Also, fuck off. Why would I care about the opinion of an asshole pedo? Calls me names, expects me to listen… God you’re fucking stupid. You should sit on a door knob.

  3. O armamentista says:


  4. robsycko says:

    I can see when people lie as most of us can, We learn to read faces when we are toddlers some hold on to this ability. So I say he is lying and scared the smirk on his face shows his arrogance but you can see his fear shine threw.

    • sam X says:

      20: you are off your meds?

    • Ed Dursky says:

      His face alone serves as an icon for the absolute evil found within the hearts and minds of ALL leftist bastards. (He does an excellent job of dehumanizing Americaโ€™s very worst enemies!) #walkaway

    • Domus deBellum says:

      i do not recall if this man was lying.

    • MrRosiesfavorites says:

      @robbie , wow ,you are really grasping .i can honestly say ,as most anyone can tell you ,you are full of arrogant shit piles . if you can tell when someone is lying . how come trump duped your sorry ass ? best healthcare ,mexico will pay , sleep peacefully north korea has agreed to denuclearizing ,or more to the point Trump has made 3,251 false or misleading claims . i bet your toddler skills failed to help you see thru all of his lies huh ? so shut the fuck up you self appointed expert .

    • DoobyOobyWala says:

      through… not threw

  5. ValladolidArde says:

    strok is a traitor

  6. leslie Petoski says:

    Nadler is a meddler

  7. leslie Petoski says:

    It’s all a game, not a working body of government. A game, period.

  8. timpoiu says:

    What doesnt come out in this video is that the FBI and democrat funded lawyers used spies / people to try to frame the Trump Campaign. Multilple attempts were made to give at least 3 different campaign staff information from “Russian” sources. That failed but the FBI launched the Muller Russian Trump collusion investigation anyway. The FBI then use the ongoing Muller investigation to avoid answering questions about the FBI spying on the trump campaign. Have a look at . It is very shocking, this is why Gowdey is so sharp and angry at its just a few minutes long

    • Roger Wilco says:

      What doesn’t come out in your comment is that everything you said is not true. Facts hurt, snowflake.

    • Y. S. says:

      Talking about “interference”, is there actually something with several thousands democrats, living not far from their state border, that crossed it during election and voted where they actually don’t live to make the state pass from red to blue? Or something like that; plus a certain number of illegal votes (with the wide majority going to the ill woman, HRC).
      What is interesting is that because of a man who showed off with his girlfriend, there is a big waste of attention diverted away from real issues such as opioid crisis or even real poverty.

    • Y. S. says:

      That’s the : “i cannot talk about an ongoing investigation” he repeats all the time. So he’ll try to make it last then.

  9. Matteo Gallo says:

    So… why can’t we all acknowledge that Strzok is admittedly left leaning politically and should not have been involved with the Clinton or Trump investigations. Additionally, while I don’t like that he cannot answer some of the questions about an active investigation, I also understand why it might be undermining to do so. (both sides can be partially correct without accusing one of a conspiracy theory)

    • S&W M19 says:

      Xsyntryk Since Strzok loves context, maybe he should examine his position. He was the head of the investigation of two opposing political candidates. His level of personal animus should not have allowed him anywhere near this type of investigation. The guy who says “F*ck Trump” and Hillary should win 100 million to 0 is going to be impartial? Come on.

    • Gary Hurd says:

      So only right-wing fascists can be cops, or FBI?

    • Murray Terry says:

      Trouble is both sides have this sort of strozk problem. A review of how people are hired and who does the hiring needs to be reviewed. We have gotten 30 years worth of counter-revolutionaries imbedded in our system from the top. Clintons and Bushes have felt entitled to the executive positions and they hired their minions. Strozk and people like him are the results of these choices.

    • jimijackson says:

      Matteo Gallo because every law enforcement office is a human being. Every human being has some form of bias. If we fired every human being with a bias there would be no law enforcement left.

    • PiccoloJr8 says:

      This seems to be the part the goes over most people’s heads and as Strzok stated, he has superiors, associates and team members acting as overhead and to keep them honest. To say that Strzok was some lone agent working to undermine Trump due to bias is ludicrous, and to assume he’s only part of a whole even more so

  10. Bob Martin says:

    We have one government we voted for, and another government that we didnt vote for, The .The Fbi. Is a shadow government, sneaky, lying and skeazy, with secret objectives, and traitors in charge.

    • Domus deBellum says:

      i do not recall if we voted for any of our government.

    • Charles says:

      And you’re clearly a kool-aid drinker who has to invent bullshit in order to validate your paranoid, demented worldview. You need pills.

    • MrRosiesfavorites says:

      bob the real master of lies . Trump who has made 3,251
      false or misleading claims . trump’s father was never pleased with his fuck up of a son . to avoid his father’s disapproval trump learned to lie and embellish his minor accomplishments into great lies of success.then he used that against idiots like you

    • big pompano says:

      No. The country got sick of the left and the right and needed to take a chance. He sure as hell dosen’t get pimped out by the media like the left and he at least isn’t worried about the miniscule faults you raise.

  11. Leo Dunson says:

    Unless Trey Gowdy is retiring to replace Sessions as AG I donโ€™t know what America is going to do without this honorable man in Congress

    • Lisa Robertson says:

      Leo Dunson AMEN!! Trey Gowdy is awesome! HONORABLE is a true definition of this man! I hate he is leaving…

    • Rod Oh says:


    • sabra Flickinger says:

      Leo Dunson the only honorable man here is peter STRZOK USA top Russian spy hunter this is why Putin ordered traitor republicans to try take him down but truth will set you free if STRZOK wanted to harm trump so bad all he had to do was pull a comey on trump leak news there was a investigation into trump & Russia interfering to steal election STRZOK played by law and didn’t & we in text is America not him. Get a clue buddy stop being a traitor Russia attacked America that matters!

    • James Dunn says:

      Gowdy is a Trump troll. Not honorable at all. Dishonorable. Gowdy is only looking for information to give to Trump so he can avoid prosecution.

    • Andrew Wallace says:

      Don’t worry, I caught the sarcasm

  12. little bear says:

    The ignorance of any human being. That can watch this evil man speak his b.s. then comment about whose right or wrong is scary as hell. Are all people truly ignorant or is the evil in this country so rampant. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see and hear the true evil that Peter Strozk emits.

    • sam X says:

      Are all people truly ignorant or is the evil in this country so rampant. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see and hear the true evil that TRump’s minions emits.

    • sam X says:

      Ed Dursky Reign wing bigoted trump minnions live off the hate of republican insanity

  13. Kirbae says:

    This is why the ‘bluewave’ will be only a puddle in november midterms

    • MamaKat says:

      mrhitisnumberone Yeah, sure because Strzok was SO far off base when he made his comments about Trump during the campaign. He had the same insight as the majority of America, which basically is: This isnโ€™t going to end well. And considering the direction things are going, itโ€™s clear Pete was spot on, so how does that make him an idiot?

    • SHVL-HD says:

      Sorry ! but a puddle of piss.

    • FunnyGuyAL says:

      Maybe it’s because Uranium 1 isn’t relevant here in any way? That, and the fact that the alleged “scandal” of it has long been discredited?

    • big pompano says:

      Legitimacy ?? LOL They have been protecting child pedophile rings at the top levels and are have no answers for there actions in doing so. Don’t forget Johnny Gosh who they shut down and blocked further investigation on. You’re all poison.

    • Eric Miller says:

      FunnyGuyAL yep, that’s why Hillary had that uranium one guy suicided.

  14. Edgar Barcelona says:

    Majority of the world agree with the FBI agent

    • nina e says:

      hell no, the majority of the world agrees with the honorable FBI who has some bad apples like this corrupted agent !!

    • charles F says:

      nina e…. why, exactly… is this agent corrupt?

    • Ed Dursky says:

      Only those prone to evil leftists ideologies! #walkaway

    • James Mares says:

      charles F Cheated on his wife. If you lie to your lying to the public is muck easier

    • charles F says:

      James Mares…. What is he lying about? His desire for A different outcome to the election?
      As i have stated before, if he really wanted to stop Trump he only had to leak the investigation that was going on before the election into the Trump campaign members talking with Russians about improper things. The public blow back on that would have been enough to sink his campaign. But he didnt. So yea, he cheated on his wife, but apparently he did not cheat on his job… or most likely Trump would not now be president.

  15. Samurai Jecht says:

    Strzok looks like a puppet. Isn’t even moving like a human….

  16. addy kelly says:

    I can already see JAMES Spader as Peter Strzok. Itโ€™s very interesting. It seems like I am watching a different video to the republicans commenting though.
    They canโ€™t see that he can remain unbiased while doing his job while holding his own personal views as a person when they outright state they think he is a biased, liar while doing their own job. They really canโ€™t see the irony in that?

    • skb713 says:

      Trey Gowdy’s questions are based on facts. He’s doing his job. Mr Strzok, in my opinion, seemed to think his job position can interfere or disrupt Trump from becoming President. Big difference. I believe also he testified he was on the job when some of these texts were being constructed. They didn’t all occur “…in the middle of the night”.

    • moorek1967 says:

      +addy kelly His job is with the FBI, not Twitter. He is in a field of keeping his mouth shut because he works for the President.

      His political opinions need to remain private in his job. He cannot be partisan in what he does.

      He is a public official, he doesn’t need to be playing party politics because that takes away from his work. He is not unbiased.

    • charles F says:

      w wallace…. You are seriously going to take texts…without underlying context…as literal face value evidence? Really? well i got one for you… if in fact he wanted Trump to NOT win so badly… and the “WE” was the FBI then why didnt they leak the fact they were investigating the Trump campaign for communications with Russians for nefarious reasons BEFORE the election? He made sure it stayed secret (as they were supposed to do) Yet Comey came out just 10 days before the election and announced he was reopening the email investigation against Hillary for the emails found on “weenies” computer… BEFORE actually even checking what was found? And made a HUGE deal about it. Only to discover it was no new evidence. A fact that was barely mentioned. If he had it in for Trump so badly all he had to do was leak the investigation.

    • sunshine45986 says:

      addy kelly He’s connected to the Clinton’s, do you really think he’s unbiased? How blind and partisan can you be?

    • Dakoya says:

      MrJeffcoley1 I wish I could like this reply a few more times

  17. Rocky Roads says:

    The gop are a bunch of creeps on the Russin payroll. They care more about increasing their own wallets than this Country. All you fools that think the gop is not covering this up you deserve to be controlled by Putin.

    • Lee Johnson says:

      Rocky Roads
      You have got to be insane

    • James Mares says:

      Rocky Roads actually it was a Bill and Hillary who are on the Russian payroll uranium one deal was put together while Robert Mueller was the director of the FBI he signed off on it the Clinton Foundation got a huge kick back millions and millions of dollars this is all documents

  18. slightyoptimistic says:

    Can we just get the civil war started,this country needs an enema

  19. R. Mercado says:

    I do not believe one word coming from Strzok.

  20. LeverAction Gypsy says:

    Heres more insight as it seems most people commenting here are representing ages 12 to mid to late 20s. I started out as a Bernie Sanders supporter and have NEVER liked Clinton. It is a free country right?…go back to the DNC convention all of you wise educated people and follow what happened and it leads you right here to Strzok, Rosenstein and a huge coverup – but the coverup isnt Trump Russia! Thats the Red herring to distract from the real story which has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with Seth Rich. Bernie Sanders had the nomination EASILY until Wasserman-Schultz, Brazille, Loretta Lynch and others colluded and cheated Sanders out of the nomination by rigging the election. Seth Rich was the IT guy for the DNC and was disgusted with Clinton and their cronies for rigging what was supposed to me a fair democratic process, so he leaked it all to Wikileaks.Then he winds up dead, shot in a botched ‘robbery attempt’ yet no money or valuables were taken which he had plenty of on him. His parents smelled a rat but were instructed to be silent, but have since opened up since Kimdotcom opened up more details of Seth rich murder. What the Peter Strzok Rod Rosenstein investigations are really about is the coverup of the Seth rich murder which was ordered by Rosenstein, carried out by ATF and FBI people, which is what Strzok is covering up.

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