Complete Set in 48-Hours or Lose Them All (RISKY Pokémon Card CHALLENGE)

Complete Set in 48-Hours or Lose Them All (RISKY Pokémon Card CHALLENGE)

I’m in Hawaii attempting to complete the entire Evolving Skies Pokémon card set in just 48 hours! It’s a HUGE modern set that won’t be easy. *If I lose,* ALL the cards I picked up will be given away after we reach 500k subscribers, and I will have to start all over again. I lost the last challenge, and I really don’t want to lose again.

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Also, join me and several of your favorite Pokémon YouTubers at the first-ever Card Party event! This is a live, in-person event I’m hosting on June 9-11, 2023, in Anaheim, CA. Check out the website to get tickets and see who’s coming, and look out for more announcements of fun activities and more creators coming as the date approaches! Go to:

Big thank you to Hawaii Pop Con and IslandGrown Pokemon, Drip, and Tony, aka. TCG_Giants for the amazing Hawaiian hospitality. Also, thank you to every attendee and vendor that helped me with this video! It was an epic adventure and an even bigger task to piece together for you, so I hope you enjoy it!

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26 Responses

  1. PokeRev says:

    What a wild a ride! Proof that nothing great is ever achieved alone

  2. UnlistedLeaf says:

    What an amazing challenge with such a wholesome ending LET’S GO PAT!

  3. dGamerHitman says:

    Evolving Skies is when starting collecting Pokemon again! This video was amazing & it makes me happy to see everyone help you complete the set!

  4. Sticketer says:

    Jeffrey is the type of person that will help you out even when you don’t want to help yourself. People need Jeffrey in their lives. Everyone else really helped you out Pat. But Jeffrey went above and beyond. What a guy. What a video. Easily Pat’s best one.

  5. Ryan Maffitt says:

    Can we all just give a shout out to the amazing community that Pat has amassed. That was incredible!!!

  6. Nivinity. says:

    This is the heart of this hobby. The generosity of the community, literally cried with you at the end of the video. What a journey. Thanks for taking us along!

  7. Omxga says:

    Man this community is truly amazing. The way everyone came together to help out Pat is actually inspiring

  8. MrBreaks says:

    I cant believe everyone came through at the end. This community is amazing! I felt the emotion. What an amazing experience!

  9. Dracogryph says:

    It’s always so uplifting to see the community pull together and do things like this for each other. Thank you for your content, Pat, it never fails to brighten my day.

  10. Bobby Vang says:

    9:15 That was so generous of you man. Huge props for that, he will never forget that moment ever.

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