Complex Closets: Victor Cruz

Complex Closets: Victor Cruz

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz gave Joe La Puma a tour of his insane sneaker collection and a look at his new signature Nike Sportswear sneaker.

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20 Responses

  1. Kreig says:

    congratulations cruz… you played yourself.

  2. Snk Kulatea says:

    That closet tho, gotta be the most strongest one. Stupid!

  3. Haruki Kurosawa says:

    the sharkitecture 2s were insane anybody else notice them joints??

  4. thefan33 says:

    Don’t care what people say, I’m gonna try to cop the Air Cruz’s

  5. Yifan Zhang says:

    Not at all

  6. yash rajput says:

    which is that song after cruz says lets go ! dope af

  7. TheSocialNetLurk says:

    This guy has a huge variety of shoes but of course fucking Joe only points
    out the basketball shoes. Try talking about an Air max 1 or Air max 90 for
    once. He had shelves full of them.

  8. xReece2010 says:

    This the new cribs

  9. Jordan Thompson says:

    another L for all the nike shoes you have, because u know there are more to
    sneakers then nike xD


  10. VOTBOT95 says:

    3:05 third row second to the right what are those. Shoes

  11. Samuel Brewis says:

    SHIT LOAD OF SHEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Simon Delaney says:

    Congratulations .. you just played yourself.

  13. Andrew Ishkabivle says:

    Why arent you playing football, WE NEED YOU!

  14. barae jasny says:

    why not talking about his RF asics newbalance and other running sneakers,
    they look fire tho

  15. joseph popei says:

    look like yeezy lows

  16. QuadrantBottomHalf says:

    I don’t stock. I rock all my kicks including my custom chucks.

  17. Alleni215 says:

    8:00 “The Doernbocher”, I could have swore it was Doernbecher.

  18. Luis T-Raw says:

    he looks like rj

  19. Mike Rice says:

    You should see my shoe closet … its rockin one sweet pair of dirty

  20. devronte says:

    “When the Giants get there” haha where will u be Vic? still rehabbing?
    Enjoy selling off most of these pairs when the Gmen cut ur bitchass next