Complex Hit Us With A Copyright Claim, PewDiePie, Social Media Crisis, Tracking Journalists, & More

Complex Hit Us With A Copyright Claim, PewDiePie, Social Media Crisis, Tracking Journalists, & More

It’s Thursday, so let’s talk…
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Government Tracking Journalists:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton
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79 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Hope everyone except Charles Barkley is having a fantastic day! lol here are your time codes
    Youtube 00:06 NBA 1:03 TIA 6:24 Felix 8:25 Tracking 10:14

    • Sinan says:

      i like howhe himself is the guy giving the ppl the timestamps xD just for that ima watch the full vid

    • Isaac owens says:

      Have we all forgotten pewdiepie said the n word? Twice?

    • steves00010 says:

      Hey Phil, Steve ✌. The anxiety thing is very polarizing depending on who is watching. Now most of the comments below believe these people are sad cuz they’re rich. I dont believe that myself. The way the story is delivered it comes off like they are anxious about followers or lack thereof in social media….which to someone my age (about 10 years older than you) seems petty and hard to wrap my head around. The things myself and my parents worried about were employment, housing, the economy and the real life, not virtual relationships we were in or having….not how popular we were. I will acknowledge that some of these millionaires may have real private problems that are not disclosed and no one else business but that’s where I feel you fell a little short with the delivery. For the most part I feel you’re the most responsible news source I know and is why I’ve watched you since you were a backwards hat wearing douche lol….and I hope you only take this as constructive criticism and keep up the good work. Love YOUR face….and I’ll see you…well, later today lol.

    • synkrncty says:

      Hey Phil, your nickname should be “But with that said”!

    • DarkWolf76 says:

      Yeah YouTube is a hoe that rips you off only way to f@ck the system is a silent video slideshow they can’t really do anything about that.

  2. Crazelord91 says:

    I really do feel for the kids these days who grow up with social media their entire life; surrounded by voices that will bring out their worst opinions. I only got into it during Myspace and it still wasn’t all that prevelant even by the time I graduated.

    The amount of vile and disgusting things people throw at others online due to either anonymity, disconnect, or having a public platform that didn’t exist not too long ago seems terrifying to me for someone in their formative years.

    I’m also glad my career does not need a social media presence for success. I really believe that it can bring out the worst in people as often they write things they’d never say to someone in person.

    • Crazelord91 says:

      +Kevin Duggan I don’t know what youre talking about or how this had anything to do with my original comment

    • Kevin Duggan says:

      Crazelord91– Some one was dumb enough to suggest that Philip’s activism should be shown in schools in place of John Stossel a actual liberal journalist.

    • Numbzie says:

      +Kevin Duggan Phil reacted to a story that was being presented in an intentionally deceitful way (on twitter, not his main form of public interaction) then made a video apology on youtube with more information on the actual story than most news sources. Not sure why you’re butthurt

    • Kevin Duggan says:

      Crazelord91 — I know he is a EMO activist. Actual Journalist don’t make those kind of mistakes and cover up scandalous activism in Patreon. Once you start trying to cover things up with activism you are excluded from becoming a journalist.

    • That Random Negro says:


  3. Awesome Slime says:

    South Park has a great episode from this past season on anxiety. Everyone should check it out because it’s so accurate it hurts.

    • Katy Smith says:

      Adapple I’ve got a diagnosis for anxiety alongside some other mental illnesses, and I’ve seen the devastating effects it can have on others, but a good half of the people I know with anxiety use it as an excuse to be dicks. I don’t think being a bad person is inherently linked to anxiety, but I think people can use it to justify things when they treat others poorly rather than taking accountability. From things like flaking to actually saying really hurtful and cruel things, a lot of people seem to use anxiety to escape criticism. Doesn’t make it an invalid disease – panic attack’s are awful. Just happens that a good proportion of people with anxiety misuse their diagnosis.

    • Adapple says:

      Katy Smith yeah I don’t know many people like that, though I had a “friend” who’d use it as an excuse to punch people.

    • chickensseeall says:

      +Adapple there’s always an exception, some slimy people looking for a way to victimize themselves to get special treatment or avoid responsibility for their actions. but on the whole anxiety and depression is so serious and devastating to a person’s life that it feels kind of bad to paint them all as victimizers when that’s absolutely not the case. Though I’ve known a few people who’ve faked depression or threatened others to get attention or manipulate people, and that’s a really cruel thing to do.

    • PCUsername says:

      It’s actually mocking people who exploit anxiety – it’s not an accurate portrayal of people who actually have anxiety.

    • DingleBungus says:

      +Wu-Oh It’s me Cat Your brain can’t handle South Park? Probably one of the greatest and most brilliant tv shows to air on American television. Matt and Trey are nothing short of geniuses.

  4. Joyce Sham says:

    Charles barkley just still big mad bout having no rings

  5. August Anderson says:

    Word to the wise

    if a police officer asks to search your phone DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM they need a warrant to do that.

    • 404 Error Not Found says:

      Unless you’re in Mexico… The rights you have here simply don’t apply outside of the border. Secondly, you’ll notice the ultimatum was let me search your phone or you’re not entering Mexico. Completely lawful for Mexico to require this because it’s their country, even if it’s performed by U.S. Customs. If this happens to happen to you in this situation I recommend you take your phone and walk away. Don’t let someone search your phone.

    • Spiffy Lady says:

      +chickensseeall Did you watch the whole video or just hone in on one story? It’s relevant to the border patrol seizing phones and laptops to search, and not letting ppl go unless they comply. But they do function very differently from police, so…

    • Very Doge says:

      Until you get tased, shot, interrogated. Sure keep telling yourself it’ll be alright lmao

    • Aspen Young says:

      No where in this video are police mentioned, these are federal agents, and no they don’t need warrants, they only need warrants if they plan on arresting you or forcing you to give up your personal items. Telling you you have to give up items if you want to pass is completely legal, just like the TSA is allowed to confiscate items.

    • Tony Peppermint says:

      +Craft9841 There are issues with that.

  6. Jessica Settle says:

    PLEASE MAKE A TEACHER FRIENDLY VERSION OF THIS SHOW! I will show it every day if you do. I love it. I run a PBL, discussion based class, and that would be rad af.

  7. Chapter13 says:

    In the immortal words of Slaughterhouse: “I learned that money can’t buy happiness, but I decided I’d rather do all my cryin’ in the Corvette.”

  8. noone isnoone says:

    I know this is not the main thing I should be taking away but the finger snap at 2:52 is quite satisfying

  9. Al Cox says:

    If you have nothing to hide show us your phone is same as guilty till proven innocent… welcome to america ??‍♂️

  10. Pints of Guinness says:

    lol i thought that was Hila in the thumbnail

  11. Shelley McCormick says:

    My sociology professor showed us your videos all the time in class ❤

  12. Jenivere Valearen says:

    Your. Feelings. Are. Valid.
    I think these newer generations are unlearning empathy as well. You can see on social media a horribly sad post and then scroll down to see cute kittens. You get desensitized. On top of that a lot of people’s reactions to bad news are: “There are people that have it worse that you.” Or “Toughen up.” Not only does that make the person feel invalid, but the person saying that is becoming a colder person over time. You get to a point where you hear something awful and just say “Oh well.” Then on top of that there is this constant “I feel bad for you unless you are not my political party, religion, race etc.” And not to forget “compassion fatigue” hearing so much negative things regurgitated every day wears down on a person. There is just a lot playing into this besides social media, but I think it has a part. These are just my observations. You can Google it if you want but for the most part these are not proven, but not disproven either.

    • pensive toast says:

      +ZenmoThey probably just using that phrase as a metaphor.

    • Jenivere Valearen says:

      +Zenmo I’m not claiming anything and I labeled more than just social media. Physically people say these things too. I just saying my opinion. It’s not proven or disproven the effects yet. Simple Google will show you that. But here is a link to one.

    • Zenmo says:

      +Jenivere Valearen You can’t say you’re not claiming anything while simultaneously making a claim. Expressing your opinion is claiming you think what you’re expressing is correct (as is your right). That doesn’t mean your opinion can’t be incorrect or unfounded. In this case, it’s unfounded. I took a look at the link you sent and it’s just a blog by someone who has much of the same things to say as you do. This is not research. If anything, it’s possible internet and social media exposure makes people more socially aware which may increase their ability to relate to others, thus increasing their empathy. Without the Internet, someone from my background would not have run into contradictory information that changes their worldvie positively. We love to paint things in a black and white way while in fact what you’re saying maybe true for some and the opposite for others (ie it may “desensitise” some and increase others’ empathy). There are countless factors to take into account when studying the relationship between empathy and social media exposure. Your train of thought seems irkly similar to psychoanalyzing, and definitely involves drastic assumptions of how people psychologically react to things, which is to say the least, not a reliable way to make a conclusion. That’s my point

    • The Bandog says:

      Oh holy shit, what terrible advice!
      NO you’re feeeeeeeelings do not matter. That’s not to say YOU don’t matter, or that you’re wrong for having them, but whatever is causing them is the issue: Focus on the problem, not how it makes you feel!!

    • Jenivere Valearen says:

      +Zenmo But I didn’t say I was correct. I’m just whatever about it. It’s just an idea. And I can’t copy every link Google has especially on a stupid phone that won’t let me copy all links I wanted. There were pdfs and university studies just saying nothing is proven yet. So whatever. That was a damn lengthy post.

  13. Chris Altmaier says:

    As a technology teacher. I would love to see something for teachers. I would definitely bring your videos on topics to my students more often.

  14. Athingamagoo Thingy says:

    Even though I’ma Gen Z kid, social media is kinda annoying. Not even toxic, just annoying. I mean, sometimes people will act like being at school when other people aren’t (for example, for band) matters to anyone outside that circle, or super relatable “get ready for spam” stories that I skip, because, like spam, they’re pointless. In my experience, the people who post the most have the most meaningless, boring, stupid posts)

  15. Gaming Dr says:

    T-Series representing India is like BuzzFeed representing America. I said this before and I say it again T series ≠ India. Coming from an Proud Indian here

  16. Future Senator Karl Pilkington says:

    Having money doesn’t mean you’re immune to problems, but it does mean you have more doors to solve them.

    • Zero Todona says:

      If they don’t want their money, they can just give it to me. Then they can stop having “issues”.

    • Ch Mo says:

      Gianna Louise People with depression very often doesn’t initially want to seek help.

    • Ch Mo says:

      Zero Todona I hope one day you’ll get rich, so you can experience that being rich really doesn’t solve much of anything.

      As long as you have enough money to survive and some more for leisure, more money won’t help much.

    • AkumaKristian says:

      +Ch Mo I’m not a rich person (far from it) but I do relate to this way of thinking. In the past I’ve found it hard to accept that I was unhappy because I felt that I had no reason to be unhappy. It took me years to fully accept that.

      Honestly I wouldn’t say I feel sorry for these people since they have the tools to make things better for themselves. However I feel that they still deserve to be happy and, at the very least, not have people call their problems stupid.

    • Josh eashappie says:

      +Ticker Chicken it really does

  17. Daron TheOne says:

    I think you should switch the red and silver pillows….would really pop

  18. Lithianic says:

    Money doesnt solely brings you happiness. But it brings more opportunities rather than being broke ┐(´~` )┌

    • aaron mack says:

      Agreed but I also do believe that it really matters who you surround yourself with. Money or not if you have the right people around you, its the best cure for any kind of mental health issue.

    • chickensseeall says:

      Yea funny he was saying they’re happy because they get to be in expensive hotels. Being isolated from family and friends doesn’t sound that great. Everyone experiences things differently, but not having to worry about being able to afford rent, healthcare, insurance, retirement livelihood etc must be really nice.

    • Ch Mo says:

      Lithianic you can be happy without being rich and sad without being poor. But I do think that in order to be happy you need enough money to survive and some more.

    • Zero Todona says:

      chickensseeall most of their fathers left anyway

  19. poofywings says:

    I’m an ESL teacher overseas. I love using your channel for my advanced students. I don’t mind the issues with language because I mostly teach adults. But it would be nice to have complete English subtitles for all of your videos. It seems like subtitle availability is hit or miss.

    • MidEasternGamer says:

      Something tells me you’re teaching in Japan…hmmm

    • Panda Paws says:

      poofywings yes I do find it frustrating to not have subtitles, especially since Phil actually did an episode where he talked about the importance of subtitles….

    • Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd says:

      No way an ESL teacher is a 4chan /pol/ Trumpsexual weeb with an underage anime girl profile pic.

    • poofywings says:

      MidEasternGamer Nope. Vietnam currently. Previously worked in Taiwan and Korea.

    • poofywings says:

      Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd Lol. Obvious troll is obvious.
      I don’t think you even tried at all.

  20. Yvonne Van What says:

    Here’s another thing to add to these Youtube shenanigans – tons of music creators on Youtube (big and small) were demonetized over the last week. The reasoning behind this – repetitious content. “…this means it (content) isn’t original and doesn’t add any significant educational or other value”. Music and music tutorials. Not educational or entertaining.
    For a lot of us Youtube was a fulltime job, we were counting on getting that paycheck every month, but now it seems we won’t get anything anymore, since the creator support just keeps sending in that copypaste and doing nothing.

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