Complicit – SNL

Complicit – SNL

Introducing Complicit, a new fragrance for Ivanka Trump (Scarlett Johansson).

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20 Responses

  1. Lakers Suck says:

    I fucking hate Ivanka!

  2. The Hellfire Club! says:

    Trumptards are still getting butthurt – GOOD!!

  3. ConManliness says:

    Are you implying that Ivanka should murder Donald?

  4. Bella Cobbs says:

    So she’s basically Trump’s alternative daughter

  5. Fahim 527 says:

    trumpterds are really fast!!!

  6. The Progressive Voice says:

    Ivanka Trump’s brands & Trump’s brands are flying off the shelves…. because corporations are NOT SELLING THEM!!! #grabyourwallet #boycottTrump

  7. Stop this woman from low-key judging my comments says:

    Triggered Trump supporters?

    …I guess this is life in the US now. Never thought I’d be saying that in my lifetime.

  8. My Lost Soul says:

    Trump won’t like you making fun of his Daughter-Wife.

  9. bones22j says:

    Okay WOW!!! I don’t support ANY political figure. So if you say I’m butt hurt, you just don’t know me. But if SNL can only make Trump jokes, they’re over. What happened to diversity? This shit is boring and lame. Get some writers that can think outside the box.

  10. Frederiksted St. Croix says:

    Ivanka do you give the twat to Trump or does he just takes it? Has he groped you?

  11. leahenya t says:

    the video starts at 00:00

  12. Club Soda says:

    Trumptards are exploding!

  13. Olivia F says:

    “sorry girl youre Billy Zane” i could not BREATHE

  14. Georgified says:

    Liberals please realize that some conservatives don’t get pissed off at this. I’m a conservative Trump supporter and I’ve been watching SNL for years, but I’m not gonna stop watching it just because they make fun of Trump. It’s funny. Yeah sure sometimes they say things that I disagree with, but I don’t cry about it. We should all be that way. And if you see a conservative state his or her opinion in the comments, don’t bash them, just enjoy the damn show. SNL makes fun of Trump for comedy, stop using it as a weapon against conservatives.

  15. TheMovieMyLife says:

    This is so smart 🙂

  16. Robin Wyatt says:

    It’s a comedy show people call down folks. SNL has always made fun of presidents.

  17. Kimson Bonney says:

    This is hilarious. Ivanka played a huge role in getting him elected in her own way. She swung the suburban mamma vote of 30-40s demographic and beyond totally in her fathers favor. As a result of this being a major period of oppression for women, many of them (like Ivanka voters) are absolute morons. It’s good SNL covered it, and ScarJo did a great job. LIVE FREE OR DIE, DON’T TREAD ON ME 1776, ALL LIBERAL CAUSES.

  18. chocobo77 says:

    lets see if the deplorables boycott her movies…..?

  19. julio gomez says:

    Love to read all the Trump Inbreds lose their shit. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. John Evans says:

    Trump is the most ignorant and disgusting piece of shit that has ever been president. I hope he gets busted for all the laws that he has broken and rots in a jail cell where he belongs.

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