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20 Responses

  1. Kenan Schwoebel says:

    Wenger out #yiayslang

  2. Kaleem All says:

    #yiayslang in Britain, they call a youtuber unemployed.

  3. Ryan M says:

    Suck me off — die in a hole you incompetent fuck boi before I cum ova and beat yo ass so hard that your uncle cums over and rapes you

  4. Disney Kid says:


  5. Madison O.O says:

    Did you know that British people call “soda” boop boop ma scoot moot
    The more you know

  6. jessica says:

    #YIAYslang in England bread sticks are actually called wheat wands

  7. Rubie says:

    #YiaySlang England is my City

  8. Hinata Uchiha says:

    That’s so fetch

    That’s British slang right or was it English ? Either or its catchy.

  9. Tails Warrior says:

    “You alright there mate?” – Every British greeting/parting/conversation ever. #YIAYslang

  10. LittleChief Productions says:

    #1 On Trending?!?!?

  11. Noah Smith says:

    #YIAYslang Just flip them off. It means “peace among worlds”. Also, they like the slow ramps, it really gets their dicks hard.

  12. ABP Will says:

    #1 Trending in America. We did is fam squad fam

  13. Jim Bob Sayin' says:

    The other day I was chuffed at some rubbish I told me gaffer, but I was bang to rights ’cause he knew I was bent as a nine-bob note! I woulda swore on me mum I’d be fired, skint, and on the street in a fortnight, but I was so spawny he wasn’t doing his nut about me tosh! I was knees up when he just said to quit waggin’ off! I figured the nob would paste me til I swallowed me ivories, but in the end there wasn’t no hard cheese.

  14. Pascalion says:

    First on trending?? Good job Foreheadman!

  15. Jewelwielder 99 says:

    Why do all the washed up people go on trending

  16. Fresh Beats for sale says:

    #1 on trending👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #PROUD

  17. Shookoo says:

    #yiayslang in England, they call ‘America’ fat.

  18. Mahir Anowar says:

    #yiayslang they call a tea “sea weed” (geddit? Cos the Boston tea thing? Was it the sea or a river? Whatevs)

  19. Drew Schneider says:

    Oh God save the king

  20. Giuliana Cadenas says:

    Compliment Alissa violet

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