Conan Announces His Trip To Japan – CONAN on TBS

Conan Announces His Trip To Japan – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Conan’s feud with Detective Conan and the Mayor of Conan Town will come to a head when he travels to Japan to collect his three trillion yen in person.

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50 Responses

  1. Dark devil Demon says:

    We knew this was coming

  2. Nasser Feed says:

    But Conan you’re a CHILD trapped in a MAN’s body, not the other way around

    • Gauss24 says:

      AC Garcia sorry explain to me who ur talking about. Conan the manga character is described correctly (man in child’s body) but Conan the tv host should have been described as a child trapped in a mans body since he’s so childish

    • AC Garcia says:

      Gauss24 I’m talking about Conan the tv host. He’s joking about himself being young ( sorry, don’t know how else to explain this)

    • Gauss24 says:

      AC Garcia oh I understand now what ur saying, Conan is just making a joke about being young. Honestly though I prefer it the other way cause it describes him better and is still funny. Conans way can be confusing since it’s the opposite of how I have always viewed him (child trapped in mans body) even if it was only a joke

    • Kabraxis says:

      Isn’t he constantly joking about his body, especially his (thin, childlike) legs? He didn’t mess up the joke although it of course works the other way around as well.
      He said it this way three times now, every time he spoke about Detective Conan.

    • tashazors says:

      Gauss24 it’s the only way he can collect his 3 trillion yen lmao He has to be an exact copy of Conan the manga character, so both must be men trapped in children’s bodies. Otherwise the host Conan’s point is moot! Lol I liked the joke 😂😂

  3. Kp says:

    Conan(the redhead one) is a child trapped in a woman’s body. Get it right lol

  4. Bernadette Cid says:

    AHA!!! So looking forward to this! CONAN in JAPAN! It even rhymes! 😂😂😂🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  5. DeadTroperSociety says:

    Conan has been doing this kind of gigs for years now.

    I remember when he went to Finland because he looked similar to their female president, Tarja Halonen.

    The story all started with Conan making a joke about Ukraine. Now Conan didn’t expect his show to be showed in Ukraine so he didn’t think much about the joke. But then, he got angry mails from Ukraine and this surprised him because he didn’t know that his show was big in Ukraine.

    This gave him an idea. Since NBC doesn’t tell him where his show is shown around the world, he would just insult all countries in alphabetical order and see who will send him angry mails.

    Now Conan did this in a series of episodes, he didn’t do it in one. Now while he was nearing ‘F’ for Finland, he suddenly got a lot of angry mail from Finland even when he hadn’t yet made fun of him. This irked him a little and so he insulted Finland before it was its turn.

    This made him very famous in Finland and then some Finnish guy saw that Conan looks oddly similar to their president, Tarja Halonen.

    Conan then get a lot of invitation from the Fins to visit their country and he even had an interview with Pres. Halonen.

    This is to me why Conan is the best Late Night talk show host in history.

    • Jarod Gordon says:

      DeadTroperSociety Yep, that was before YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., I remember all those angry emails from countries he insulted.

    • Boris Müller says:

      I think even Conan himself has said that Dave Letterman and Johnny Carson both had better shows. Great story though.

    • You Tube says:

      theyre both ginger. so that means they look alike? uh ok

    • tashazors says:

      I remember this! Lmao

    • Kp says:

      He probably wanted to go to Japan anyways. So now he basically just needs to find a reason. Plus, this also generates some hype/local news when he does arrive there. Otherwise, most Japanese probably have zero clue who Conan is, and he’d just be some random American in Japan, and that wouldn’t make very good television.

  6. Boy Aditya says:

    No Conan. You’re child trap in old man’s body

  7. robieism says:

    conan is genius. he knows that tv is dying, he knows that he got this new niche audience on youtube, so he slowly moves his focus on youtube, with his remote show. my favorite forever.

  8. Caleb McFarland says:

    I love that the Japanese Mayor played ball like that.

  9. elchucofried says:

    Lmao this is just his excuse to travel the world

  10. Watchie says:

    God I hope Conan dresses like Conan.

  11. Michael Connell says:

    I hope this leads to Conan showing up in an anime original episode , even if it’s a brief cameo

  12. David Frimel says:

    When American’s government can no longer inspire the world; Conan answers the call.

  13. Alice S says:

    You should add Japanese subtitles to this video Team Coco! For all the Japanese viewers out there

  14. snilrach says:

    Finally, it’s time for my two favorite Conans to meet.

  15. Sakuram4 says:

    Um actually Conan, Detective Conan is a teenage boy trapped in a child’s body:)

  16. Leon V says:

    Wow! High five for mayor Matsumoto!

  17. TargetedatBeauty says:

    I thought Conan was going to put the mayors name on Jay Leno’s star. That would’ve been gold

  18. Nabeel Khan says:

    What if he encounters *Black Organization* there

  19. Abroad in Japan says:

    What an absolute legend

  20. Mandy Oh says:

    I’m impressed that Mayor Matsumoto responded

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