Conan Encounters Australian Wildlife – CONAN on TBS

Conan Encounters Australian Wildlife – CONAN on TBS

Conan survives an encounter with a fearsome wombat and lectures a koala about his diet.

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77 Responses

  1. K K says:

    Conan is the GOAT of late night, and it’s not even close.

    • SPACECOWBOY Hej says:

      +Gray Wolf >all of you need some johnny carson in your life
      honestly but id say people who have retired are irrelevant in this conversation.
      and like that other guy say Ferguson might be a better interviewer but conan makes a show and really has great appeal world wide.

    • Gnar Gnar Binks says:


    • TheIrek666 says:

      Yea, cuz butchering somebody’s name is sooo funny

    • Michael Mccollum says:

      Sorry K K but all of these guys bow down to the real king DAVID LETTERMAN. They will all tell you that he is the king of late night. Not Johnny Carson,not Steve Allen,not any of those guys. David letterman changed tv forever and for about 20 years had the coolest damn show on television.

    • Mr Swanky Blum says:

      Absolutely. Conan is the only funny dude out there

  2. Ryviusx01 says:

    exactly, WHY NOT???

  3. C Betts says:

    I’m just discovering how funny Conan is? I can’t believe that I have missed out until now

  4. PeterQuill says:

    Conan your show is the best, thanks to all Irish gods for sending you

  5. Rich Harrow says:

    Sheila.. Kyana …. Beautiful women in Australia…

  6. Andy Pangan says:

    I need a Conan travel show

    • Andy Pangan says:

      Those are the ones he did at his Conan shows. What I mean is like an own show where he just focuses on travelling. Like parts unknown or no reservations

    • Gray Wolf says:

      +Andy Pangan well he kind of has a show that takes up most his week.

    • Wallace Wallaby says:

      An “Idiot Abroad” style travel show would be perfect.

    • idkAlan says:

      +Andy Pangan when Conan announced his shorter format show, he stated that the smaller format will allow him to spend more time traveling and speaking to people and not being stuck in a studio, as those are his favorite times.

      So he does have a travel show

    • resplndnt says:

      Andy Pangan I would love it of conan just traveled around interacting with animals

  7. Stoney Curtis says:

    Take it from me kids, stay off the eucalyptus leaves. ~!

  8. Crmsnraider says:


    This is the Conan we wanted and the Conan we needed.

    • dsakax says:

      Yeah, I imagined this bit like a Simpson’s episode written by Conan and it fits perfectly. That’s the Conan we wanted 😀

  9. Rohit Kalra says:

    That’s it I’m dropping my eucalyptus and going to work. Thanks for the inspiration Conan!

  10. Ryan Peña says:

    The most dangerous creature is MAN!

  11. Fino10 says:

    4:23 Those intense sound effects for his little stomps had me dead bruh lmao

  12. 벙기 says:

    2:35 This guy may not sound like Conan, but its hair is definitely no less phenomenal than Conan’s.

  13. ozeppeo says:

    Just here to remind you that the Aussies lost the Emu War in 1932

  14. MY JOURNEY says:

    Conan looks more like the wildlife then the actual wildlife lol

  15. apessa pratap says:

    1:12 CONAN doing his creep walk…

  16. Kroos Kontrol says:

    So glad Conan started to do more remotes. He is GLORIOUS in all of them. Such a funny guy

  17. SuperPaulBF says:

    I busted out when the wombat took its first step and the dramatic orchestra sound hit haha

  18. sivx17 says:

    4:23 As the wombat steps out, the sound effect is on point lol

  19. Aishik Ashraf says:

    The more you watch Conan, the more you realize how bad Kimmel, Fallon, and Corden are

    • Aishik Ashraf says:

      +JR Boyd some of the CK were fun, but Corden is a bad interviewer and comic

    • Aishik Ashraf says:

      +Realistic thought Yeah, host of The Hate Show. Sad to see a genius and witty guy turning into a brain dead NPC.

    • Aishik Ashraf says:

      +Rijkaard Fallon is pathetic (he does great impression tho), Kimmel is a crybaby NPC, and Colbert USED TO BE one of the funniest, until he became a pos NPC

    • Aishik Ashraf says:

      +hazween23 I’m taking it as you wished he had gotten a longer format. Anyway, I don’t really watch TV, and probably most people watch him on YouTube. Also, maybe sometimes less is more.

    • karl jonson says:

      For real lol

  20. Hammad Ali says:

    The ending was very inspirational. I need to stay off the eucalyptus and apply myself more.

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