Conan Helps His Assistant Buy A New Car – CONAN on TBS

Conan Helps His Assistant Buy A New Car – CONAN on TBS

Conan’s assistant Sona is in dire need of a need of a new car but thankfully Conan has offered to help her #ShopAllTheCars on Autotrader.

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52 Responses

  1. Imma Dizzastr says:

    Sona is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  2. Robbie Backpacking says:

    Conan needs to host the reboot of MTV’s Pimp My Ride

    • Kurt Sudheim says:

      Robbie Backpacking his should be un/depimp my rude, cause he’s old/uncool & makes the bad jokes. Plus him ripping the car apart

    • Chip Johnson says:

      Yep. Instead of fixing up their current cars, he just buys them all junk.

      The looks on their faces would be priceless.

  3. Robbie Backpacking says:

    “That car is in the witness protection program!” lol

  4. Laurence Hudierez says:

    Anyone else thought Conan would get a better car than that?? Like he said oh I’m gonna get u this 1000 car but he gets some nicer one ?😂😂

    • Jason Liao says:

      I’d be disappointed if Conan actually bought Sona a nice car. I mean what did she do to deserve that more than any other staff? Although I am concerned how Conan broke Sona’s ”old car” and replace it with a shittier one. Lol.

    • Santiago Verón says:

      yeah me too! up to the last second I was expecting for him to remove another panel and show a fancier car. i was a little disappointed

  5. Yazmin Gallegos says:

    I pressed like before watching the video.

    No regrets.

  6. Jeffrey Nunya says:

    I like that the Honda had a pan under it because it was clearly leaking fluids. And also, who doesn’t keep a few bucks in their car for tolls or car washes or other miscellaneous things?

  7. Jonathan Freely says:

    My 1995 Honda Accord had over 190K miles when I sold it, and I did VERY minimal upkeep over the years. Basic stuff like oil changes a couple of times a year, new tires, etc. The guy I sold it to had it for 6 more years and probably put 80K more miles on it. He only got rid of it because he bought a new car. 160K miles is NOTHING in a modern car.

  8. 800pieds says:

    I love how Sona starts all videos with this “how did I let him drag me into this again?” look

  9. Rip X says:

    Am I the only that thought Conan bought her a nice car and was going to surprise her. 😂

  10. 5,000 subs with no videos. says:

    It’s a Volkswagen the check engine light is normal.

  11. Jimmy Gillard says:

    The show should scrap the guests and monologue and just have these bits instead.

  12. Lee Lanzini says:

    $500 for a car? That’s would be a great prop to use or destroy:

  13. Hobbs Charles says:

    We need a Jordan Schlansky video

  14. zcribe says:

    Get rid of the celebrities. Just have Conan do everyday stuff with his workers.

  15. eerereps says:

    she has AIDS now…

  16. thomas666 says:

    I love her!!! So cute and charming.

  17. Reyvander says:

    Conan is the best and funniest talk show host i’ve ever watched XD

  18. Lati Sullivan says:

    Sona uses Firefox. Good girl.

    • Emma Rose says:


      *I Mastur!ваtе My РU:SSY оn thе са!nаl! WАТСH А VIDЕО!*

    • Emma Rose says:


      *I Masturв!аtе My РUS:SY оn thе саnаl! WАТ1СH А VIDЕО!*

    • TessellatedGuy says:

      Chrome uses less ram on my PC and has better support for new technologies like HTML5 (It’s actually not new but firefox’s HTML5 score is pretty poor for even the latest quantum version). Chrome is also better supported by google’s sites, and since I use google for basically everything, it’s the obvious choice for me and most people. Everything else like extension support and performance is basically the same though.

  19. The Racing Monkey says:

    The Hummer wasn‘t a rip-off. The old 16.4 Veyron for 1.999.999$ …that‘s a rip-off

  20. RoughToBeBuffTV says:

    Conan loves his job. He’s the best late night host.

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