“Conan In Cuba” Open – CONAN on TBS

“Conan In Cuba” Open – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Watch the first four minutes of Conan O’Brien’s one-man mission to meet the Cuban people and make some friends.

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20 Responses

  1. dadedraak says:

    My god, Conan is such an amazing entertainer! Conan for president!

  2. Alex The Sui says:

    “Let’s make friends” pretty simple condition. I think There isn’t problem
    niether of Obama’s “enlightenment” – to send to the goverment a friend
    request or even claiming of Brian Williams. Problem is in these Cynical
    Critique to the payphones or monobrended canned products and etc. whiches
    increase gap between these two society. firstly, it’s a social problem and
    then economic or other sort ones

  3. MiotaLee says:

    I.. uh.. oh god. I’m blushing. 1:54. goshdarn. dem legs doe. I’m all

  4. Niall Craig says:

    Cuban Andy= Candy

  5. Kalue Vue says:

    Honestly only Conan can do this out of all the late night hosts, Fallon
    would of brought some celebs and made some stupid but entertaining skits &
    Kimmel would of just done some stupid racial shit like always. Keep it
    real Conan, that’s why I’m a fan.

  6. AradiceSatur says:

    Viva a liberdade do povo!

  7. StarCrusher says:

    I really hope Cuba and the US will get along at some point

  8. JCraigGuy says:

    anyone else watch this episode and think of dying light?

  9. glen otg says:

    Jaja te pones como te pones I love it

  10. The BlockTV says:


  11. Kraven King says:

    Nice one

  12. Tinem says:

    Conan should just visit random countries all the time. These remotes are

  13. golflnks says:

    whats the name of that opening song?

  14. yellowbird500 says:

    A row of Hunts tomato sauce in the market. I thought there was an embargo?

  15. Rand00mThing says:

    Maaan… I’m so wasted I thought that bird in the left was some sort of
    special effects editing.

  16. KingDennisJensen says:

    The great Conando strikes again.

  17. viajer m says:

    People should not worry about Americans going to Cuba… American will not
    take over again….they forgot how to speak Cuban and other Latin American
    languages such as: Mexican, Chilean, Argentinian and so on. They will not
    be able to communicate… American will never speak those languages because
    they will look for language schools to learn, for instance, Cuban and they
    will not find one… American friends the reason you will not find schools
    to learn Cuban is because it is call Spanish no Cuban….

  18. Cuba pingu says:

    Juaaaa. Hahaha cool Conan we love you man.. Cubans love you Conan. Cool.

  19. Thomas Ramsey says:

    conan should do an episode of the show in seattle

  20. VDP060606 says:

    I predict a lot of garbage in this comment section.