Conan & Jordan Share A Kaiseki Meal

Conan & Jordan Share A Kaiseki Meal

Conan enjoys a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner with Jordan — with a little help from Ralph Macchio.

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64 Responses

  1. nobody survives even one bit says:

    Lol this duo never failed to make me laugh????

  2. Raphael Arceo says:

    the High Priest of meaningless conversation. ?

  3. Hating me is conforming says:

    Jordan is dressed like senator Palpatine from Star Wars.

  4. Shan Hussain says:

    Oh, that long slurp!!! ?

  5. Liz says:

    i’ve never been more ready and certain to spend 7 minutes and 12 seconds of my life on something

  6. Skyclad Observer says:

    Jordan videos are god tier. I spend my life waiting for these. God bless.

    • Seth Finberg says:

      Conan tells Jordan …”You work for me”. Jordan then tells his boss … “You don’t have to constantly speak”.

  7. no one says:

    Jordan got roasted by karate kid

  8. Lupita B. says:

    Man, Conan just brings so much joy to my life.

  9. Sean McKnight says:

    I can’t wait to watch this video 87 times in the next week.

  10. Liz says:

    i think i saw a tear in jordan’s eye after he watched that video

    • Fiore Pero says:

      PE CHA why do you say that?

    • WaitingtoHit says:

      +PE CHA If you think so, then you must not have watched the live Q & A they did online around the time of the Italy special. That was a tense hour. The contentious nature of the relationship is quite real, and the dialogue in the bits is spontaneous. By this point, Jordan and Conan know what people want, so by their own admission, they sometimes find themselves exaggerating aspects of their natural personalities for the camera. The writers come up with ideas for what situations or camera shots will produce the most comedic fodder, but that’s about it. Sometimes the writers will tell Jordan to talk about something in particular, like the scrap where he went out onstage and talked about Star Wars. However, the words he spoke in that moment were totally unscripted. That’s why it had no real end and went on for seven minutes. There was tons of footage from Italy that never aired where Jordan is just rambling and rambling and Conan is saying nothing. Conan’s team posted some of it online after that special aired.

    • PE CHA says:

      +WaitingtoHit I didn’t know that, thank you for the information. I thought it was entirely scripted.

    • jmarks881 says:

      +WaitingtoHit wow with an answer like that you must be Jordan

  11. TP Holmes says:

    Conan, you broke Jordan ??? #stopjordanabuse

  12. David Konner says:

    Best chemestry in television history!
    Conan and jordan never seem to disappoint

  13. Amitabh Sharma says:

    Man, I wish someone wore “I think you’re full of Shinto” on a T-Shirt to Japan! ??

  14. Jackie Craft says:

    I can’t consume enough of this content.

  15. Pelago _ says:

    The cyborg was so close to jumping over that table

  16. Francisco Méndez Grajales says:

    “I think you´re full of Shinto.”

  17. JLongbone says:

    Jordan wanted to cry so hard

  18. Skycado says:

    So Jordan likes Italy and Japan. I wonder does he like German culture also. Would be a perfect 3/3

  19. Laskaツ says:

    We’ve been blessed with another classic Conan and Jordan video! ?

  20. Mika On The Fly says:

    Jordan will go home and microwave a hamster after that

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