Conan Meets His Harlem Neighbors – CONAN on TBS

Conan Meets His Harlem Neighbors – CONAN on TBS

Conan starts his week-long residency at the world famous Apollo theater by hitting the streets of Harlem, buying a few bootleg CDs, and getting his hair did.

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20 Responses

  1. Lauren Bonura says:

    Notice me SENPAI! I love you Conan, the best comedian in the whole

  2. loveforeignaccents says:

    Conan is so much fun and purely hilarious!!!!

  3. Rick Tock says:

    we early boys

  4. Magnus McCloud says:

    Conan, always willing to make an ass out of himself for our entertainment.

    truly, a god amongst men.

  5. Yawo Elevn says:

    Every american needs conan in his life.The dude is awsome.He has this huge
    talent that allows him to connect with any one.He went to an african store
    and you would believe he was raised in West Africa.Thats a gift.

  6. fahima matin says:

    Sorry to Fallon but Conan deserves the tonight show. Tbs is lucky to have
    him tho and he’s happy there so ❤️

  7. Ashro says:

    OMG ???? dying laughing!

  8. Mike Boland says:

    Wait is he hosting from harlem this week? Wadaafuhh?

  9. ghetto engine says:

    he looked like casey neistat at the end.

  10. dianawapooh says:

    Conan really needs to go back to New York.. thats his turf. i remember
    watching his remotes when he was hosting late night they were so funny the
    energy and the vibe of New york and Conan feeling more comfortable there
    are the reasons why the remotes were so funny. team coco convince conan to
    go back .

  11. Sam Squanch says:

    My goodness Conan is just the best host ever. He doesn’t even have to try
    to be funny, it’s just his natural personality.

  12. WGMaesTro says:

    I’am from Russia and I can tell, we treat black people just like the
    others. No thought of insulting or judging. I guess it’s because we haven’t
    had neither good or bad relationships. It just didn’t happen in the

  13. Dicio says:

    You can literally “see” that Conan is one of the best hosts ad lib and
    doing remotes. Partly his nature, partly because he used to be a comedy
    writer himself so he can zero down on jokes on his feet.

    I think only Craig Ferguson (used to)/can somewhat match on compatibility
    while doing stuff outside the studio.

    A lot of it is imho the ability to do well without a staff writing you
    material infront. Going in “live” is scary and can choke even professional

    Oh Ellen also is pretty relaxed but doesn’t feel as down to earth, hers is
    usually a little bit more scripted stuff but she is probably in the top of
    the list who can do such stuff.

  14. RegicideVids says:

    If I’m Conan I’m dropping that niggas mixtape in the trash after I give
    that 20 just for the lols

  15. Toma Valentin says:

    Hey you, browsing through the comments: Have a nice day!

  16. Shredding Stuff says:

    “My last name shot caller” ??

  17. Lana Del Slay says:

    Conan I’m in love with u

  18. versatylepoetry says:

    haha love Conan

  19. kendrick23 lamar says:

    that was great,????

  20. studiobassment says:

    the people in Harlem are to good :)