Conan O’Brien’s DNA Test Stunned His Doctor

Conan O’Brien’s DNA Test Stunned His Doctor

‘Conan’ host Conan O’Brien’s uncommon DNA test results shocked his doctor.

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84 Responses

  1. F. N. Lorter says:

    Every time I think about what NBC did to Conan, my blood boils.

    • Kaustav Dutta says:

      +Tony Vega and what about the 15 years of quality entertainment that he had given them before. Why was Leno given more preference when his show tanked?

    • A Girl says:

      Tro Ivas Guess it depends on who’s watching ?

    • Vane J. V. says:

      He’s STILL a millionaire, he’s set for life. We, the little people, have nothing to worry about, let alone, get to the point where our “blood boils” over anything that happens to them in the course of their business. They have their trials and tribulations like everyone else, you and me, except they bounce back with million$$ in the bank. And snazzy clothes, to boot! (I really liked that jacket!). Why people worry so much about famous people’s personal agenda is beyond me. Remember: they don’t know who you are, they hire people to keep you away from them, and if you got screwed out of a career opportunity, you think they’d give a hoot?

    • Tony Vega says:

      +Kaustav Dutta First of all, Leno was pushed out when he was number 1. Second of all, Conan started telling them what he wanted. When you work for somebody, you don’t tell your boss how he should run things. That was Conan’s biggest mistake. Thirdly, Leno was just a safer choice after that point. At the end of the day, it’s about keeping your sponsors happy and all the employees (not just Conan’s people). It’s about money. It is sad that Conan had to leave, but NBC had pretty much painted itself into a corner by giving Conan The Tonight Show and deciding to keep Leno on. The smart thing would’ve been to let Leno retire when the ratings were coming down. Conan had a great thing going with Late Night. He should’ve stayed there.

    • Kaustav Dutta says:

      +Vane J. V. Sounds like you’re just resentful that he’s successful while you’re mediocre. I’m not very passionate about his dismissal but it does make me sad to see such a talented comic get wasted

  2. Twiistz says:

    Finally Conan O’Brien is back.

  3. Temo Sandoval says:

    Conan “The Inbred Harvard Graduate” O’Brien

  4. SydMint says:

    Colbert and Conan should go on a road trip together 🙂 Ultimate Collab 😀

  5. RohitVinay Art Channel says:

    Two of my favorite comedic people in one stage. Wow. I learn a lot from Conan for my animation sketch

  6. mcesmy says:

    Conan sure knows how to entertain

  7. Sebastiaan Galjaard says:

    Conan’s walk did make me think of the villain of Lazy Town

  8. Mahatma Ghandi says:

    Conan’s comedic timing is impeccable! A true master of improv

  9. kgg228 says:

    My two favorites ??? Conan Without Borders is on Netflix and I just rewatched those gems of episodes, he definitely shines when he’s interacting with people. must watch!

  10. Christian Helbo says:

    He should make more travel programs. Conan Without Borders. They are really good.

  11. SammyT says:

    Conan is one of the funniest comedians currently working, but his talk show needs better writers.

  12. BrettTKB says:

    Conan is as good as it gets. Will go down as one of the best hosts.

  13. Talaris Watts-El says:

    Conan is so naturally funny, he doesn’t even need a script or to rehearse he’s just naturally funny. No other guests on this show made me laugh as hard as Conan.

  14. DeadTownManifesto1985 says:

    “It means you’re inbred!” ..Conan’s face LOL

  15. Esteban Bernal says:

    Finally someone pays homage to Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks

  16. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation says:


  17. celticwolff says:

    Conan O’Brien, new head of The Ministry of Silly Walks.

  18. Gamma Light says:

    This was hilarious!! That walk haha!!

  19. Discover Montréal says:

    Colbert saying “please welcome my friend, and yours..” was a really nice touch

    • Daniel Köhler says:

      It was probably because of the name of Conan’s podcast

    • William Sandidge says:

      Colbert is a tool

    • Turd Ferguson says:

      I didn’t even notice ’cause of that “elder statesman” dig. Almost as much of a dick move as pulling out shirtless pictures from his youth. Someone get Colbert some hidden heels ’cause it seems like his claws come out whenever he’s threatened by another man’s height.

    • akikone says:

      And how nice of CBS to show Coco love by giving him a spot right after the Super Bowl.

    • dh hs says:

      Similarly I heard someone introduce Bob Dylan as ‘Please welcome The friend of us all Bob Dylan’ in a concert thought that was a great way to introduce.

  20. SweetBabyJames78 says:

    0:15 Naahw, that’s thd kindest introduction I’ve heard: “My friend, and yours!” ?

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