Conan On The 2016 Election Results – CONAN on TBS

Conan On The 2016 Election Results – CONAN on TBS

Conan invokes the great political thinkers while trying to make sense of the 2016 presidential election.

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20 Responses

  1. Y12Phoenix says:

    Conan, my man.. I feel bad for you. after everything that you did to
    prevent that idiot from being the president.. hahahah

  2. Umeriw Aeoket says:

    the rest of the world is saying America Goofed up (again)

  3. Obscure Entertainment says:

    His hair is reaching towards heaven.

  4. Augusto Rojas says:

    Gotta love Conan. Making you smile when you are so torn apart, USA is lucky
    to have you, Conan

  5. Hammad Ali says:

    Should’ve been Conan as President and Andy Vice president 2016.

  6. Elegant Centrist says:

    Don’t want to alarm anyone… But Kanye 2020 can actually happen. Lol

  7. Jonothan Archer says:

    The tears from the social justice warriors taste so good!

  8. torress1235 says:

    Conan 2020

  9. aaronx83 says:

    I was honestly expecting the masturbating bear but the really tall
    dachshund is a great one too

  10. Trinidad Botello says:

    Conan, you’re my hero.

  11. Austin Adams says:

    Conan is low key smart af

  12. doopliss1919 says:


  13. BOON senomac says:

    Batman vs Superman too

  14. HawkingRegime says:

    Lol so much of Hollywood wanted Clinton to win

  15. The Mustache Man says:

    I love when Conan gets serious. Or semi serious. Either way, this was
    really great.

  16. M. de V says:

    So Hillary got most of the votes but trump still wins (like with al gore),
    American democracy is confusing for foreigners…

  17. Sasho Windfeather says:

    Thank you Mr. O’Brien. When our wisest are fools, and our fools speak great
    wisdom, we will be ok.

  18. tonyCproductions says:

    I really love U.S History too Conan. Go History buffs!!!

  19. Rachael Baker says:

    Anyone else feel really sorry for that dog

  20. Tomo Dachi says:

    that alien predator joke is why Conan is our top comedian of the century.
    kevin hart is #2.