Conan & Sona Visit An Armenian Marketplace – CONAN on TBS

Conan & Sona Visit An Armenian Marketplace – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Conan & his assistant Sona drop by a Yerevan market to pick up everything from dried apricots to “Armenian Viagra.”

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20 Responses

  1. Lucas D says:

    Gay faggot making fun of Armenia . Fuck u Conan I use to like

  2. D Bergmann says:

    Conan going places is the best thing ever!!

  3. naruto00nix says:

    hahahaha sonas face at 2:13 priceless

  4. Brian Cramer says:

    Conan should do remotes more often this one is really good, and not just
    because Sona is beautiful lol

  5. caradele _ says:

    pls next do the trip to italy and bring jordan schlansky

  6. maciekomis says:

    really friendly people 🙂 gotta visit :)

  7. Zorro del Demonio says:

    I prefer Soraka.

  8. MLG Hodor says:

    “Potatoe! Potatoe! Potatoe!” He had me dead XD

  9. xelle1359 says:

    I’m guessing that the rest of the video is uploaded on YOUTUBE RED. .
    .that’s why it so short. . .

  10. syd newman says:

    i’d be a bit concerned if i was conans wife????

  11. syd newman says:

    if you click on the link the rest is on the website

  12. KD W says:

    Ahh,the potato joke got me every time

  13. Ayoub Minen says:

    00:58 عرق سوس

  14. Laura McCollum says:

    Sona is a good sport!

  15. Adam Ka says:

    hahahahaha Cocan i love your sense of humour

  16. FickleMercury | Minecraft Content says:


  17. Smurfiest Smurf says:

    I want to watch the whole thing!!!!!!!!!! ?

  18. loaizarayas says:

    How come Trump doesnt want to kick out those Armenian people who doesnt try
    to speak english?

  19. paigekay07 says:

    I love you Conan! Can i buy you a new jacket?! lol

  20. Irrational Man says:

    They were so not ready for this