Conan Surprises The Patriots’ James White With A Ford Truck

Conan Surprises The Patriots’ James White With A Ford Truck

Tom Brady said James White deserved a truck for his Super Bowl heroics. Conan and Ford agree.

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20 Responses

  1. Sea Bass says:

    Ford sucks balls

  2. Joseph Zirkov says:

    What do I need to do to get a truck? I drive a go cart. :(

  3. DD Productions says:

    He has money if he wanted a truck he would buy one. This should be given to
    someone who is in the military.

  4. PeaceTree024 says:

    so the rich give to the rich?

  5. Adamalen says:

    Give it to someone who actually needs a vehicle? Not a millionaire

  6. uberjuberduber says:

    I wish I had a room full of strangers to applaud me when I get gifts

  7. ae b says:

    Conan, Kevin Heart & Ice Cube get a ride back to Boston with The Patriots’
    James White in a Ford truck

  8. Derick Fang says:

    Lol the truck is white

  9. EveryOneHasAIDS says:

    Not a fan of the Patriots (Go Pack), but I’m really happy that James White
    is getting all this recognition because he’s a great player and an ex
    Wisconsin Badger.
    Patriots fans, pay attention: When White played for the Badgers, the
    students would hold up white 8×10 pieces of paper every time he touched the

  10. JoeDurobot says:

    *The audience is applauding because a freaking millionaire gets a free
    *Are they all brainwashed?*

  11. Donald J Trump says:

    *I would have refused the truck and give it to a deserving American
    *Hopefully it’s produced in the US and built by US citizens.*

  12. AngelDMR 90Daychallenge says:

    will that suit blow up if he sits down

  13. Sal Owns says:

    This guy is making millions why not give the car to charity

  14. Spunky1991 says:

    Yeah that’s exactly what a rich NFL player needs.

  15. jross 808 says:

    You know dam well he ain’t driving that thing around ??

  16. Lil Wade Boggs says:

    Do you people know the amount of hours, blood, sweat and tears this guy
    puts into his game? He deserves at least a truck. Goddam

  17. Destry Prater says:

    a millionaire giving a millionaire a $50,000 truck for free as the liberal
    peasants who hate the 1% and capitalism cheer on sheepishly..oh the irony.


    Look at that oppressed black man! America is racist! How dare they give
    away new truck an oppressed millionaire who can but a 100 trucks.

  19. Dobby The free Elf says:

    Lots of butt hurt people in the comments below, be careful

  20. robert sofia says:

    Ford Motor Company gave James White the truck. Conan presented it to him.
    FACTS, LEARN THEM, THEY MAKE YOU SEEM SMART…. WTF happened to listening
    skills this past decade? Its like every other persons got their head up
    there ass so far they can’t hear anything.

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