Conan’s Animated Adventure With Michelle Obama – CONAN on TBS

Conan’s Animated Adventure With Michelle Obama – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: How did Conan get to the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar? It’s a tale that can only be told via cartoon.

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20 Responses

  1. Scared Bent says:

    Oh btw ,, thanks for performing for our troops ,, that is the first thing
    you done good in a long time. Wish i could love you like i once did. But
    ,,, I don’t love sellouts that want to bring our country into havoc so only
    the rich elites (like yourself) can flourish. First LADY? What a crock !!
    First disgusting man posing as a woman , back to back with her President
    husband who is Muslim posing as a Christian ! Wake up Conan,, i find it
    hard to believe you are so ignorant,, why i call you a sell out like so
    many scared little no-bodies out there grasping to hold onto what they got.
    FU Conan ,, FU .. grow some balls!

  2. J Nice says:

    Loving the awesome console graphics!

  3. András Muresán says:

    Did they lost the sd cards with the footage?

  4. Arson Bjork says:

    All-the-vodka-on-the-plane is my favorite drink too.

  5. Guess Who says:

    I’m from saudi arabia , i asked around and i can confirm with confidence
    that his story is legit.

  6. Joe Burden says:

    Ahh, Conan loves his jacket doesn’t he.

  7. Mohd Nour says:



  8. FlyingWalrus says:

    I love the smooth, crisp, realistic 3D animation. I had no idea this was
    animated until I read the description.

  9. BRVvideos says:

    Conan 2016

  10. Mark Summers says:

    street walker desert edition

  11. Omer Akram says:

    conan iam from baghdad and i love u sooooo much u r the best i hope to meet
    you i just wan to say that u bring joy into our lives so thank u

  12. growurown207 says:

    You lost me after, “I saw a mirage”

  13. kagandragon says:

    I never liked comedians sucking up to power, but again conan hasn’t
    produced anything sincere in a while. So enjoy the propaganda guess…

  14. Nazih Ali says:

    My city at 2:36

  15. 2 M-Z says:

    Shout out to Jeddah, SA! ☺

  16. Prateek Choudhary says:

    From the creators of Shrek is love Shiek is life.

  17. ibouwicked says:

    2:42 damn michelle has a booty

  18. Lifes Name says:

    was that like from uncharted drakes deception lol

  19. Jordan Matthew says:

    1:38 isn’t that the Andrea Gail?

  20. Antonio Gatt says:

    1:23 animated conan looks like a ginger robin van persie