Conan’s Japanese Etiquette Lesson

Conan’s Japanese Etiquette Lesson

Conan’s Japanese etiquette instructor doesn’t like his eyes, face, or body. But she does like his watch.

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43 Responses

  1. B Shea says:

    Conan was actually speechless lol

  2. Lauryn Michelle says:

    Conan goes for etiquette lessons and gets roasted

    • Amy Wang says:

      Lauryn Michelle It was an etiquette lesson but Conan was a terrible learner and it should hurt his pride a bit because he doesn’t know all this etiquette and he’s like fifty. Shame on him.

    • Amy Wang says:

      Also, he’s supposed to learn it from his family… this is just my perspective.

    • Rens Brand says:

      +Amy Wang He actually does know his etiquettes and actually did respectfully try to learn Japanese specific etiquettes. All the videos of the trips he does only show about 40 minutes of him being in country, maybe all the filmed footage added up would be around 2 hours, he is there for a couple of days and behaves very respectfully off-camera.

    • Amy Wang says:

      Rens Brand That is blowing my mind right now. Sorry, can we get back to this later?

    • Rens Brand says:

      +Amy Wang Okay

  3. Polythene Pam says:

    “Girls like your teddy bear-like stomach.” 😅

  4. UndertakerU2ber says:

    Seems like the women were funnier than Conan in this segment.

    • Aditya Luthfi says:

      +ready2 no, no i understand. i’m actually just trying to tell you that shows like this have moments when they’re not scripted, especially when it comes to the comedic parts. you said it yourself, Usually, but not always. btw, again this is just a suggestion, there’s no need to end your comments with such sentences, they only show your own insecurity. this is just a trivia discussion, afterall 🙂

    • Aditya Luthfi says:

      +bened no prob, dude

    • ready2 says:

      +Aditya Luthfi You speak funny, I like you. 🙂

    • Aditya Luthfi says:

      +ready2 well, i always try to explain things to people as best i can without using harsh words

    • ORagnar says:

      One of them was harsh. I found it ironic that someone at an etiquette school said those things.

  5. nobody survives even one bit says:

    Love the woman. She’s so sassy

  6. LittleBird says:

    Imagine your job is standing behind a screen until your boss calls for you. The sketch is so funny, but that is some weird ish

  7. max bauer says:

    “Like a sheep” Im dead hahhaha

  8. Kindroth/MyC0Okie says:

    Poor Conan didn’t know what to do with her

  9. Arcade Area says:

    “you need exercise”
    The instructor is so savage on so many many level lol

  10. EarthKimDK says:

    “Oh, Conan, what was the First thing you did in Japan?” “I Got body Shamed by two japanese women”

  11. Gabriel Dai says:

    “Conana without borders” is really just “Conan gets bullied”

  12. Suni Tree says:

    The one japanese woman reminds me of Edna from Incredibles. 😀

  13. Claudio Michel says:

    I love how he can make everybody laugh, no matter what language, no mater what culture, no matter what age…. He is a genius.

  14. Steven Farmer says:

    Conan: What’s wrong?
    Brutal Japanese lady: Face.

  15. Dfghdfgh Uytiu says:

    That woman is comedy gold.

  16. duchesswannabe says:

    This experience has been brought to you by Jordan Schlansky. XD He finaly had his revenge

  17. Nasser Feed says:

    The language barrier was strong in this one

    It made everything 10 times funnier LOL

  18. Darryl T says:

    *Removes giant gum from mouth and then tries to stick it under the table* 😂😆

  19. Let's be Honest Official says:

    It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Conan will make you laugh

  20. E M says:

    “This is my first time to see a human being make those kinds of sounds”

    *”LIKE A SHEEP”*

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