#ConcernedStudents1950 vs the media

#ConcernedStudents1950 vs the media

Students form a perimeter around the #ConcernedStudents1950 tent village and ask media to leave.

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20 Responses

  1. Facethunder says:

    “Reporters have got to go!”

    So when you protest, who’s gonna transmit information for you? Pigeons?
    Magical owls?

  2. David Anthony says:

    What a bunch of cunts.

  3. bb bluth says:

    “the prize of infamy goes to the journalists, to all those who pretend to
    rediscover every morning the misery and corruption they noticed the day

  4. John S. says:

    Huge props to that reporter. Glad other cameras were there to give some
    assurance of his safety.

  5. savantus1 says:

    fuck whatever Concerned students 1950 is about, acting like fools

  6. Big Black Guy says:

    I wonder what would happen if that journalist had a concealed carry permit
    and decided to defend himself.

  7. ccrazool says:

    What a bunch of fucking CHILDREN

  8. Turd Ferguson says:

    This video literally pissed me off, kudos to that Asian dude for not giving

  9. Majestic Potato says:

    this accurately represents the ignorance of this entire country

  10. Dr Boner says:

    what a bunch of fucking morons. except for that last guy… no i dont.

  11. Girl Tub says:

    Kek, some university. I presume those are the racial quotes I keep hearing

  12. adisharr says:

    So this is ‘college’? What a bunch of twats.

  13. Luficarius Ratspeed says:

    Everyone is “the media.” Idiots.

  14. Prosimioin Ohm says:

    6:17 “the right to walk forward”, thats just a passive agressice way of
    rationalizing assault. no you dont have the right to walk threw someone on
    an open field. It’s assault.
    This is making The P.R.C and Russa so happy, americans turning even more on
    them selves.

  15. armin38822 says:

    All of these people have to much free time.

  16. nomogorcio says:

    What a bunch of dumb motherfuckers, how do they even get past high school

  17. Растко says:

    Leftists will be their own undoing. Can’t wait to sit back and watch the
    next few decades in the west. The stupider, more aggressive, and more
    ignorant these people get, the greater the backlash against them will be.

  18. Макс Сагайдак says:

    the photographer is so cold minded, respect

  19. Zoonzol says:

    the asian kid is really strong for standing up for himself in front of all
    those stupid people. kudos to him

  20. adt3030 says:

    US students are so dumb, bro