Concrete Does Not Dry Out

Concrete Does Not Dry Out

Concrete doesn’t dry – it sets!
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More about the hydration reaction:

Portland Cement Hydration:

Calcium Silicate Hydrate:

How concrete gets stronger and cures over time:

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19 Responses

  1. Rukudzo Wakandigara says:

    Who else is seeing this guy’s face for the first time ?

  2. George Jiang says:

    reading in slow regard for silent things will be infinitely better if you
    read the rest of the kingkiller chronicles as well

  3. goodman854 says:

    I’m surpized you didn’t mentioned the problems with Concrete. Like how it
    can crumble after time.

  4. erkdoc5 says:

    Fun fact, if you soak cured concrete, it gets stronger.

  5. Josh Bozec says:

    I feel like I’m back in my materials class haha. Nice work!

  6. Hitman2679 says:


  7. HipHopHead91 says:

    Was the picture of the calcium silicate hydrate crystals taken using an
    electron microscope?

  8. Stephen Ratke says:

    As a civil engineer I feel obligated to like and share this video

  9. RainingXaCiD says:


  10. Carlton McMavrickson says:

    For someone who’s interested in concrete and the chemical level of
    reactions, but with no chemistry background, what type of chemistry courses
    would you advise them to take to ease their entrance to the chemistry of
    concrete? (They have a background in structural engineering)

  11. First Last says:

    that’s what i do to my hair. i dont dry it. it just settles.

  12. Aravind Sanjeev says:

    A cement is only 90% set after a year. The cracks are a good sign actually.
    Because it means the plaster is more and more hardened.

  13. Jyn says:

    Enter, Epoxy.

  14. CrispyChicken44 says:

    If concrete gets stronger over time, then why do old civilization’s
    buildings crumble and become so fragile? Even with weathering effects,
    isn’t that sentence false? I’m confused.

  15. Joshua King says:

    Ooo, I just thought of a really good vid topic: boomerangs.

  16. adeel256 says:

    wow! didn’t know pantheon was made of cement… I mean I thought cement
    hadn’t been invented back then.

  17. HoboJIm117 says:

    the way you over-enunciate is painful to listen to

  18. Vilmar Alves says:

    Patrick Rothfuss sent me here. Great video (learned something new) and
    great book recommendation. :D

  19. 002Ketchup says: